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FIC: [DBSK] Operation Chaos (9/11)

Title: Operation Chaos - chapter 9
Beta-reader: anaka237, Kashikosa
Pairings: Jaejoong/Junsu, side Yunho/Yoochun, various others
Lenght: Chaptered
Rating: PG-13 for this one
Warnings: Succubus!Junsu, Yoochun and Changmin
Genre: AU, fantasy, humour, crack, smut
Summary: A story of what happens when a succubus with some issues meets a human with some issues.
Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. Plot is basing on the succubi legends but I trasformed them for the purpose of writing this fic.
A/N: I need time to finish the story and I'm almost sure that Operation Chaos will not have more than 11 chapters. I don't know when I will update it, though. Please wait patiently and thank you all for the support and all the comments I received so far :)
Previous chapters: Prologue, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8


When Max stepped over the threshold, the first thing he saw was his sobbing prince with knees pulled to his chest and head buried in shaking arms. He felt a small pang of guilt clawing at his heart when golden, tear brimmed orbs gazed at him.

“Why?... I am capable of controlling myself now. So why?”, Xiah’s voice cracked and he continued to sniffle pitifully into the thick material of his pants.

Max wasn’t acquainted with being a supportive or understanding friend. However, even he was unable to turn a blind eye to the state Xiah was currently in. He squatted beside the other demon, patting his back hesitantly.

“I know you grew to like him a lot. But it’s still too early and probably also too dangerous for you two to go all the way...”

“But we didn’t-“, Xiah was interrupted by an incredulous stare Max gave him.

“It was a close call. If not for me, tonight someone would have ended up hurt. Your energy is trying to break free and what you did there was teasing. A very disturbing teasing. Do you know that your eyes turned gold?”

The spiked-haired male reacted immediately – he sprung to his feet, hurrying to the bathroom mirror. Max followed him, which he later decided wasn’t a good idea, because the shorter demon turned into a whining mess after seeing how his ‘second’ nature manifested itself in a caramel glimmer of his irises.

Xiah latched himself onto his best friend, crying into the gray cotton of Max’ t-shirt. Being powerless wasn’t in the tall demon’s nature. He hugged Xiah, his chin landing on black strands.

“We will figure something out, don’t worry”, Max wasn’t exactly convinced about his own words, but he knew that this could not continue.


Jaejoong hadn’t got any sleep, plus the constant musing about what was going to happen later that evening didn’t help him to concentrate on his duties when he was staring idly at the wall.

“Earth to Jaejoong, are you there?”, Boa’s tiny hand flew before him as she tried to get his attention.

The brunette looked at her, orbs cloudy and thoughtful. The woman sighed in resignation.

“You seriously should stop falling in love. You’re useless when you do it.”

Jaejoong propped his head on his right hand, lips pursing into a thin line.

“At first glance he’s sweet, shy and delicate. When you manage to befriend him he starts to act like a little boy, all hyperactive and happy about small things, but he can also be serious and honest. And then he turns into a…”, he paused, remembering the taste and texture of Junsu’s mouth, how eagerly he responded. He felt Boa’s questioning gaze. He shook his head, covering his eyes with his somehow cold palm. “Never mind, forget about it.”

“You’re creepy when you are talking serious about it”, Boa made a show dramatically shivering in fear. She put a stack of folders on his desk, smiling bitterly.

“I feel for you – this Junsu kid seems really nice. Why can’t you just tell him that you’re crazy in love with him? I’m pretty sure he’s the type to fall into your embrace after hearing some cheesy lines.”

Jaejoong exhaled, scratching his temple.

“He already knows how I feel. I think. But the problem is that there is something he isn’t telling me. On top of that he has friends that won’t let me get close to him… Wait! How do you know it’s him?” the young policeman asked, eyes narrowing.

Boa tsk’ed at him, waving her index finger like a teacher scolding a naughty student.

“I’m not blind, you know. However, I’m afraid that you will need to start working and stop thinking about work-unrelated things, even if they have extremely nice bodies and sweet personalities. Those are the materials Yunho had gathered about the energy-sucking incidents. He asked me to hand them over to you and tell you to move your lazy ass to Lee Hyukjae’s hospital. Don’t look at me like that, it was only a quotation!” Boa raised her hands in mock defense, retreating to her own desk.

Still moping over his miserable love life, he opened the folder. He noticed a bitty, yellow card attached to the first page of the report, recognizing Yunho’s hand writing. He read it, eyes becoming wider with every word.

I got a phone call from Donghae-sshi. He said that he started to remember some details from the night he was attacked. Also the doctors told me that Lee Hyukjae’s state is good and there are big chances that he will wake up soon. Better be there.

He secured the paper between some documents and stood up, grabbing his phone. When he was ready to leave, he noticed two familiar faces in the reception. Boa, who was currently managing the reception desk, turned her head in his direction. They saw him and immediately stopped talking, patently waiting for him to come. Putting his jacket on, he approached them with a polite smile.

“Kim Jongwoon-sshi, Choi Siwon-sshi? I’m glad to see you both in good health. May I ask what brings you here?”
They started their explanations simultaneously, then paused and glared at each other. Siwon turned around with a grim expression, giving the other a chance to speak.

“It’s about this incident I was involved in”, Jongwoon started. “I think that… I remember something more.”
“I assume that Siwon-sshi is here for the same reason?” Jaejoong inquired, looking at the tall man before him.
“Yes… I vaguely remember some details about the culprit’s appearance.”

The detective wasn’t sure what was happening but he couldn’t complain, because it was likely that today he will obtain the information he needed to solve the case.

“I would be extremely grateful if you could be so kind and share those details with me. Please follow me.”


Jaejoong could tell that both Jongwoon and Siwon were feeling uneasy about being interrogated in the white room, constantly glancing at their shoes or at him, eyes darting to the exit. When they were finally seated, he too took his place behind the table, his orbs penetrating and curious. He decided that he will keep it short, because the two males didn’t seem to be fond of each other and he seriously didn’t have the time to question them separately as they suggested at the very beginning.

“Jongwoon-sshi, please begin.”

The shorter man gulped, adjusting his long fringe.

“I need to warn you Inspector Kim – everything is still kind of foggy for me, so yeah... It was a boy, probably in his twenties, two, three centimeters shorter than you, with black, spiked-up hair. He wore tight clothes – they emphasized his… body. He was somehow… curvaceous. He was a bit lost when he entered the club so I offered him help and we somehow ended up in a dark alley. I asked him if he was a virgin, he blushed. It kind of ravaged my self-control. At first he was all cute and then, after the first round I had with him, he morphed into a demanding, sex-depraved person.”

He seriously hoped that his ears were playing tricks on him. He was lucky to master the acting and the art of putting on a mask, because they would surely notice how angry and confused he became after that speech. Siwon spoke up, glaring at Jongwoon with distaste.

“Was his body the only thing you managed to ogle?”

“And what did you look at when he fucked you?”, Jongwoon hissed at the man beside him, crossing his arms on his chest.

“I saw his face, his emotions. I saw how I made him come just by doing his ass”, Siwon spat infuriated, making both Jongwoon and Jaejoong gape at him in a pure shock.

He was quick to realize that he said a little too much. Nevertheless, he cleared his throat and continued.

“He had high cheekbones and pretty nose. His eyes were like almonds and his lips were similar to girl’s – full and nicely shaped. However, he didn’t look feminine. He had a boyish aura around him. Innocent, maybe naive but he was still a boy. I bumped into him on the street. He started to apologize and when I said that it wasn’t a big deal he smiled at me. I was mesmerized, so I followed him. I saw him entering a LGBT club and I wondered how someone like him could wander off to such a place. I went after him – some bulky guy was molesting him. I interrupted and took him outside. From that point on I only remember how much I wanted to have him. God, I feel so dirty just reminiscing about those thoughts…”

Jaejoong's mind was working very fast, processing all the information. Everything was against him, or so it seemed. The description was matching Junsu, his Junsu in every detail. But it was still not enough – he wanted to hear out this Donghae guy and he desperately needed to interrogate Lee Hyukjae, who was the key to the whole case.

He pondered for a moment. A wicked, but unarguably foolproof method of finding out the truth popped inside his head.

“I did not inform you earlier but we have one suspect. I would like to ask for your cooperation. What I am about to propose is a routine procedure…”, he said in a calm, indifferent voice, his emotions racking a storm under his perfectly unreadable mask of professionalism.


It was seven pm when the doorbell rang through the apartment. With heart furiously beating in his chest, Xiah hurried to open up. He smiled meekly at the man who stood before him, receiving only a forced grimace.
Jaejoong was clearly not in a good mood, which made Xiah feel uneasy.

“Please, do come in”, he spoke in a polite tone, making way for the other. Without a single glance, Jaejoong went through the hallway, Xiah following him in silence.

It was straining the demon’s patience. He grabbed Jaejoong’s arm, forcing him to stop in his tracks. The policeman turned around, features softening at the confused look on the shorter male’s face. He gently touched Xiah’s cheek, tracing the edges of soft lips with his thumb. The demon leaned into the touch and asked quietly.

“Hyung, what’s wrong? I beg of you, don’t be like that – it’s scary.”

“I’m sorry, I had some problems at work. I shouldn’t be taking it out on you”, Jaejoong smiled more genuinely but his eyes were still somehow blank. “Where is Changmin?”

Xiah didn’t like the way Jaejoong skipped the topic, because he was obviously bothered by something. However, the demon could do nothing: they weren’t a couple and basically they barely knew each other. Even if he thought otherwise…

He let go of the brunette’s arm and spoke.

“He just got from work, so he’s probably in the kitchen”, Xiah’s voice faltered a bit as he led the policeman to the living room.

Max was already there, with his inseparable biology textbook on his lap and medical magazines all over the place. He looked at the newcomers over the black frame of his glasses, signalizing them both to sit down.

Xiah sighed and went to placing the papers on the document-covered table. Jaejoong stopped him and did it himself, earning an ‘I’m a guy too, you know’ mumble from the flustered demon. When they were finally facing the short-haired male, Jaejoong leaned in, putting his elbows on his knees, in a position which Xiah could only describe as ‘I’m cool, come at me bro’. Max placed the biology book on the sofa and adjusted his glasses – he looked like a father who is going to have a word with his daughter’s boyfriend and it did not make Xiah any less nervous… or angry. He shifted uncomfortably, accidentally rubbing his thigh against Jaejoong’s. Calm and somehow cold energy began to grow impatient, lukewarm and wavering. The policeman spared him a glance full of determination and backed off.


“Don’t. I can’t trust myself when you are near.”

Demon gazed at his companion with a surprised look, but nodded in agreement. So he still did have that kind of effect on Jaejoong? Somehow, he felt extremely relieved. But then something crossed his mind. It was quick, was absolutely wicked, included Jaejoong plus seduction and left him a little shaken. He was never the type to fantasize in his conscious state and the thought disappeared as soon as it blossomed in some deep, dark part of his mind. He slightly shook his head, leaving the anxiety behind only to see the second staring match he had a chance to observe in a few days. He cleared his throat, reminding the other two about his presence.

Max turned to him, the serious expression worrying the shorter demon.

“Hyung, can you make us some tea?”, Max's indifferent tone made Xiah cringe, orbs widening at the request and fists clenching tightly.

“You won’t get rid of me. It’s about me in the first place”, demon tried to keep his posture, perfectly aware of Jaejoong’s observing eyes.

“You’re still unstable. Wait in your room or go make the tea.”

“You insolent brat! How dare you-!”, Xiah was near the breaking point, fury visible in his whole silhouette as he stood up, ready to pounce on Max. A warm palm landed on the back of his shaking hand. He glanced at Jaejoong, waiting for him to say something, anything.

“Give us fifteen minutes. Then we will talk alone in the kitchen. I suppose the bedroom is off-limits, right?”, the human gazed at Max, who heaved a sigh and nodded.

Xiah bit his lip, swatting Jaejoong’s hand away. He went to the kitchen without a word, feeling as if his life was not for him to control.


Jaejoong chest constricted as he watched Junsu’s back disappearing around the corner. But on the other hand he wasn’t entirely sure if it was a mere act or maybe something else.

He faced Changmin, eyes staring blankly at the tall boy.

“Explain”, Jaejoong commanded, observing how the other’s posture relaxed a little. The short-haired brunette exhaled and spoke calmly.

“I’m pretty sure Junsu had already told you about his issues…”

“Fear management problems and feeling how people want to do him? Yes, he mentioned something. But if I’m not mistaken, he is no longer afraid of me. What is more, he does seem to like me and he was quite eager yesterday. Why did you interrupt?”, Jaejoong was aware of his own accusing tone, but he couldn’t stop, his blood boiling with anger.

“You see, the problem doesn’t lie with Junsu’s condition, but with the fact that his mother doesn’t know about it. His parents are extremely powerful. It’s especially important that his mother stays out of it. If she knew, she would send him into a special clinic. After that he may not be able to be normal.”

“So what is this ‘condition’ you keep talking about?”, Jaejoong inquired, waiting for an answer. Changmin became slightly pale, but his face remained unreadable.

“I cannot tell you the details. You just mustn’t have sex with him. Only for the time being... I’m really trying to solve this problem, but it will take time. Just be patient.”

Jaejoong balled his fists and stood up.

“And here I thought that you were an intelligent guy. You think that this kind of shitty explanation will work on me? Where are the facts, where is some data? You don’t plan on telling me the name of this illness, do you? If you are going to keep this attitude up, I’ll just ask him myself”, Jaejoong spat, turning around.

“He has mental problems. He was… sexually abused. Because of this, his relationships aren’t very successful. When the sexual tension is too much for him, Junsu ends up being… aggressive. It’s his defense”, Changmin’s voice faltered a little, eyes dropping to the floor. The policeman tried to determine if it was a lie, but it did not look like it, given how the other behaved while talking about it.

Jaejoong came back to his seat, his gaze a little softer this time around.

“You know, I figured it might be something like that. Tell me Changmin, do you care for him?”

The tall boy glared at him, brows scrunching in a questioning manner.

“Of course I do.”

“Do you have feelings for him?”

Changmin gave Jaejoong an incredulous look.

“Don’t mingle me with people who have your taste in men. He’s my best friend, but hell, I know how he really is and I wouldn’t want to deal with it on a relationship level.”

“That’s good, because I don’t mind taking him for myself. Now listen carefully – I’m not gonna stop seeing him and I won’t be a monk. Neither you or Yoochun will interfere, because you both know that I can handle Junsu. And now I’m going to speak with him and you will stay here with your books.”


This time Max was so flabbergasted that he was still gaping, even when Jaejoong left the living room and went to the kitchen.

He wondered briefly if lying to the human was a right thing to do, but on the other hand he knew that he was left with no other choice, especially when Jaejoong started prodding.

Now it was Xiah turn to handle the situation and Max sincerely wished the shorter demon wouldn’t screw it up this time.


Jaejoong smiled to himself. Dealing with Changmin wasn’t that hard – he expected it to be a road through hell. Being overly confident and aggressive sometimes helped.

His good mood popped like a balloon when he met Junsu dejected, hurt gaze. The boy was sitting behind the counter, sipping a cup of green tea. There was another one prepared – Jaejoong assumed it was for him. He took the seat beside the lad, carefully observing him.

“Are you done talking about me? I would be glad to know what you two have decided about my life”, Junsu’s words were quiet, coldness of his tone hitting Jaejoong like a lighting. He opened his mouth to respond, but Junsu was quicker.

“I wanted you to be on my side when Changmin asked me to leave. I needed your support. Instead, you did what they always do to me.”

“What do you mean by ‘they’?”

“My mother, my family, Yoochun, Changmin. Somehow, only I don’t know what is good for me-”, he was interrupted by a pair of luscious lips devouring his own, long fingers tangling in his raven locks.

Jaejoong tasted the sweetness of Junsu’s mouth, the lad’s hands trying to push him away and the sound of broken glass resounding in his ears. When he finally decided it was enough, he was welcomed by the boy’s shock-filled eyes, a slight blush creeping on Junsu’s cheeks as he nervously tried to release himself from Jaejoong’s embrace to pick up the pieces of his broken cup.

“I can tell that you feel betrayed. I did not deceive you. Your decisions are only yours. I needed to tell your friend that I don’t care about your illness. I’m with you right now. And in two days from today we will go to a restaurant and have a nice time – this is the last thing I decided for you. Is that ok?”

Junsu nodded. Jaejoong pecked him softly on the forehead, stood up and left with a short ‘See you tomorrow then’.

The young detective passed by the aggravated Changmin, who seemed to wait for the right moment to barge into the kitchen. With a smirk playing on his lips, he entered his car. Everything was going smoothly which meant that sooner or later he was going to resolve the case and have his way with Junsu. He felt slight vibrations in his pocket. He grabbed his mobile, eyes scanning the display. It was a message from Yunho.

He woke up.

A/N2: I know I'm a selfish bitch, but comments please? *another round with puppy eyes-mode*
Tags: !language: english, *fandom: dbsk, fic: operation chaos, genre: au, genre: comedy/crack, genre: fluff, genre: smut, lenght: chaptered, media: fic, pairing: jaejoong/junsu, pairing: yunho/yoochun, rating: pg13

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