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I'm alive and other irrevelant things... And something about updates too...

Hello there...

I'm ashamed of myself right now. I really, REALLY feel like I should crawl before you all and beg for forgiveness.

So here is a shitty explanation of what have happened to me while I was absent:

1. It turned out that my studies where not the best choice in my life. My rough time started around December 2011 and lasted to June this year. I really wanted to scream, bite and punch during this period. I also had a little breakdown and if not for my wonderful friends, I wouldn't be writing this right now. Also, my studies took a quite frightening toll on my health. Right now I have problems with eating and with sleeping, so yeah, you can tell how bad it was at some point.
2. I kind of stopped listening to k-pop and left my fandoms. I came back only recently, so you can tell how much catching up I have before me.
3. I had a MASSIVE writer's block, plus reading all those gorgeous fanfics by other authors' in fandom made me realize one thing - I suck at writing. As you can guess it wasn't and it still isn't a good motivation.

And here is something about updates:
1. Right now I'm at home and I don't have my laptop with me. I stole my brother's computer to write this one message and I hope he won't pop up to read it over my shoulder.
2. 'Operation Chaos' has been proof-read and two more chapter has been written, so I think I will update it in about two weeks (basically it's an announcement for chapter 8 and 9). I've already started writing chapter 10 and the whole story will most probably end with 11 chapters.
3. There will be a PDF version of 'Operation Chaos' and you will find more explanation there. It will come out after I finish the story and my proof-reader decides that this isn't going to rape your eyes with its grammar and plot holes.

One more time I want to say sorry to all of you who have been waiting. I know that I should have written something about hiatus earlier, but believe me, I just didn't have enough strength to even come and check my own journal for comments, not to metion writing or reading.

I still hope that maybe someone still remembers me and that you guys will forgive me for all those problems I've caused (I know how it is to wait for something that looks like it's on hiatus for a long time and it only makes me feel more guilty for doing the same...).
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