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FIC: [DBSK] Operation Chaos (5/11)

Title: Operation Chaos - chapter 5
Beta-reader: anaka237
Pairings: Jaejoong/Junsu, side Yunho/Yoochun, various others
Lenght: Chaptered
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Succubus!Junsu, Yoochun and Changmin, in next chapters probably more :P
Genre: AU, fantasy, humour, crack, smut
Summary: A story of what happens when a succubus with some issues meets a human with some issues.
Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. Plot is basing on the succubi legends but I trasformed them for the purpose of writing this fic.
A/N: This chapter is dedicated to all of you, who haven't forgotten this story ;) Have fun!
Previous chapters: Prologue, 1, 2, 3, 4


After leaving the hospital, Yunho very carefully studied his friend. Jaejoong seemed to be quite off, thinking really hard about… something. And this little fact bothered the younger of the two to no end. It was never a good sign to start with.

“We need to interrogate someone”, with his voice even and calm, Jaejoong’s face didn’t show any kind of emotion, maybe except a cold mask of a professional, which sometimes gave Yunho the shivers. He was sure that the person who was going to be questioned by them should start to shiver in fear.

“Who is the chosen one?”, the brown-haired man asked, trying to sound as carefree as he could, though the creepy forebodings were blooming inside his head with the speed of lightning.

Jaejoong smirked cunningly and Yunho knew that he wasn’t going to like the answer.

“I need some information from Kim Junsu”, the older male stated, amused by his friend’s ‘shocked fish’ expression.

“What?! Why?”, the taller detective’s tone was bordering on scared, with a tint of a riled one.

“Shin Donghee-sshi told me that Junsu is Lee Hyukjae’s close acquaintance.”

“Yoochun will strangle you! Screw that, he will strangle me first! No way I’m doing this!” Yunho was close to screaming in panic, but one backslap was enough to bring his common sense back from its short leave. “Jaejoong, you fucker!”

“Oh, don’t give me that! Stop acting like Yoochun is going to kill us. It’s our job and we must check every trail we have, you unprofessional prick.”

Jaejoong was a manipulating bitch, Yunho knew it all too well, but still he was a little vulnerable to everything related to his work ethics and professionalism. He immediately shut up, mumbling curses under his breath.

“You’re doing it because you want to molest Junsu…” Yunho was now pouting and it would be pretty hilarious, if not for the fact that Jaejoong had to maintain his cold demeanor or minimum of it in order to utilize this opportunity to the maximum. It most certainly involved keeping Yunho in this blissful state of unawareness for some time. He let out an exasperated sigh, scratching his forehead and secretly observing his friend’s reaction.

“I’m not denying the fact that I find the boy very attractive. Fuck, I would totally bang him. However, you know perfectly well that I’m a master at separating work from my private matters. Besides, Junsu seems to be pretty fragile. I don’t know how to approach this whole thing without scaring the shit out of him, if I want to ask him out afterward…”

“Don’t tell me that you’re serious about him…”, Yunho gave him a suspicious look, arms crossing on wide chest. Jaejoong played it cool, lowering his raven-colored head, fingers fiddling with the thick material of his navy blue jeans.

“I’m… So what if I am?”, the brunette asked aggravated, not glancing at his friend even once. This was probably the best method to make Yunho believe him – carry out a flawless act.

“Oh God… You are…”, the shock on Yunho’s face almost made the older one burst into laughter. Almost, because soon enough a small cell in Jaejoong’s brain had awoken just to tell him that his best friend’s reaction was proof that he was being perceived a player. Or something worse.

“You’re doubting me?!”, his voice was low, threatening, his dark hazelnut orbs squinted and scanning.

“No! I mean… Not you…”, Yunho's hands came flying before Jaejoong’s nose.

“Then what was that stare?”, the brunette was still looking murderous and Yunho was at loss: what words should he use to stay alive?

“Um… I wasn’t doubting you, I was doubting your intentions…”

“Say what?!”

“I’m sorry, this wasn’t what I meant!”

“And?”, a brow raised in expectation was an indication that Jaejoong wanted his partner crawling and begging for forgiveness. What other choice did he have anyway?

“I’m an ignorant fool, who just can’t comprehend love at first sight?”, Yunho asked, uncertainty leaking from every word and a pleading look plastered to his handsome face.

Jaejoong stopped glaring, cleared his throat and turned his head to observe the view behind the window of their car.

“Good. You’re forgiven. Now we must convince both, Junsu and Yoochun, to speak with us. Or if Yoochun makes some problems, you will be the bait.”


“You will lure Yoochun out and I’ll talk to Junsu.”

“How do you plan to do that?”

“I’m going to send you two love-birds on a little journey to a sex shop with a quest: the searching for the biggest dildo ever”, Jaejoong’s smirk was an epitome of all what’s evil and wicked. Somehow Yunho knew that he was going to be a bloody sacrifice for Yoochun’s entertainment. He only hoped that his boyfriend will prefer to stay bottom even after this deadly purchase.

What wouldn’t you do to resolve the case?

Jaejoong glanced at Yunho, who’s expression slowly began to be ‘I-concede-defeat’ one. Now was the time for more important things – he desperately needed a strategy. Suddenly an idea popped into his tired, now also a little biased with Junsu, mind.


Max decided that leaving Xiah out of his Mother reach is going to be the safest way to cover the spiked-haired demon problem. After short deliberation he teleported the three of them to his human apartment, concluding that Jaejoong will most probably arrive at Micky’s house as soon as the investigation in the hospital ends.
Max definitely wasn’t blind – he could see Xiah’s indecisiveness about the whole plan. He knew all too well that the other was indeed different from the rest succubi, this strange disease being only one in a bunch of other ambiguous issues.

But now the tall demon needed information to help him deal with the situation in his own way. Xiah was sitting in the living room, the pad from their Xbox in his hands, almond-shaped eyes trained on the big screen, a faraway expression marring harmonious lineaments.

“Change and go to sleep, you have your human duties tomorrow, you know?”, Max snatched the touchpad from Xiah’s loose grasp and put it over his head, in case the smaller one tried to use some tricks on him. He was confronted with a scrunched nose and mumbled ‘Iamolderthanyou’ before Xiah left the spacious room and went straight into the bedroom. Max was pretty flabbergasted – this wasn’t his friend's usual behavior, filled with fighting spirit, especially when it concerned their shared Xbox. Connecting the dots, he blamed it on Jaejoong.

Max didn’t think much before going to the kitchen, where a slightly anxious Micky was sipping a cup of black coffee. Well, succubi were prone to addictions. Micky had his coffee, cigarettes and sex toys, Xiah had an Xbox and lots of intercourses when he was in his hungry form, while Max had… sweets. And because of this he approached the fridge with a firm resolve to kill the stress with its’ contents. Taking out a chocolate cake and then positioning himself in front of Micky, he picked on the brown treat, a gaze wandering to his companion's face.

“Tell me everything you know about this Jaejoong. The only things that I’m certain of are his gorgeous face and a persistent, annoying character.”

Micky’s forehead, which was probably the second widest thing in the whole apartment, giving place only to Xiah's perfectly round derriere, crumpled up in discontent.

“Be glad that Xiah’s hungry version isn’t around, because you would most probably end up burned.”

“You think he would be jealous?”


“Why? Humans are meant to be nothing more than a one night meal. Only you marked yours, Lucifer knows why…”, Max leered in Micky’s direction, earning himself a dark glare.

“I like him. He is efficient. And has a killer body”, the long-haired demon came back to his coffee.

“I’m sure that Jaejoong has one of them too. So why don’t you swap beds from time to time?”

Micky spluttered his coffee on Max's shirt, chocolate orbs wide in shock.

“Dude, that’s gross…”, the short-haired succubus stood up, unbuttoning the soiled cloth and tossing it to the corner. “I can tell that there is something more than normal liking and efficiency between you two”, he looked up at his friend, who was quick to collect and mend his shattered image.

“So what? I don’t care as long as he’s mine. And you better keep your hands to yourself, because I can be very aggressive. Knowing Xiah, he already took a liking to Jaejoong. We’re pretty much the same when it comes to things we consider our possession, ya know?”

Max smirked.

“Who knows it better than me? So back to the topic – what do you know about Jaejoong. I need every piece of info you can offer me.”

When Micky started his monologue, Max’s expression went from calculating to a plotting one. This was going to be so much fun!


Xiah wasn’t feeling good. Ever since the encounter with Jaejoong his mind was in a mess, a small voice of unsatisfied cravings resounding in his head.

He hated it. He hated the fact that he wasn’t able to control, that Max and Micky needed to decide what was best for him, that he was manhandled like a child. But most of all he hated that now he couldn’t touch anybody without this irrational fear popping from nowhere just to make his life more miserable.

He hoped that maybe gaming would help him stop thinking, but of course his dear friend had to ruin the mood by brutally usurping the touchpad and ordering him to go to sleep. The spiked-haired boy didn’t even have enough strength to fight back like he always did. His legs led him to the bedroom. When he closed the door, a painful sigh escaped his lips. He changed into a pair of sweatpants and a wife beater, slipping under the fluffy blankets.

Xiah knew that now he was truly behaving in a way he was brought up. His Mother told him that obedience plus vulnerability were the shortcut to men’s pants. He hated it almost as much as he knew the truth behind those words. Supposedly innocent appearance lured gay guys without a fail since he started to collect energy. And somewhere along the way he developed this weird syndrome, almost killing his best human friend. What worse could happen?

When he was in the midst of a tossing and turning session, a sharp sound of a doorbell rang through his ears. He got up, assuming that Micky and Max were in the middle of creating a battle plan. He wondered briefly who was visiting them at this hour, but being relatively optimistic he excluded the possibility of a rapist or murderer entering their house. He was a succubus anyway, he knew some basics of mind manipulation.

The more the distance between him and door decreased, the more churning in his stomach multiplied. The demon pulled the knob, a small surprised gasp passing between his lips.

Xiah wasn’t entirely sure if he was more frightened or excited about both Jaejoong and Yunho standing in his doorframe. Only after the brunette smiled apologetically at him, Xiah allowed himself to relax a little. Yunho was the first one to speak. He bowed, his weak voice indicating that he was very tired.

“I’m really, really sorry for intruding, Junsu. I’ll explain it later. For now, can we come in?”

Xiah nodded, eyes darting to Jaejoong’s calm face. His energy seemed to be kept in check, all traces of lust or burning passion lost. The demon was confused – hadn’t this human wanted him? He didn’t know why but the feeling of disappointment almost made him cry. Maybe Max was right?

Yunho’s deep voice woke him up from this depressing daze.

“Junsu? Su, you alright there?”

Xiah covered one side of his face with a hand.

“I’m sorry, hyung. I just… It-it doesn’t matter”, a bitter chuckle left the succubus’ lungs. He wasn’t going to be bothered by a human. Uh uh, no way. “Please, come in.“

He led the two men into the living room, gesturing for them to sit behind a glassed tea table.

“Would you like something to drink?”, Xiah asked politely, eyes avoiding Jaejoong in every way possible.

“Water is okay”, the brunette answered before Yunho had the chance to voice his thoughts. The demon briefly glanced at them in acknowledgment. However, before he was able to retreat to the kitchen, Micky appeared from behind the corridor with a half-naked Max latched on to his neck.

“Jaejoong, why are you-“, Micky started as soon as his gaze landed on the older human, but when he felt a hole being burned in his skull, he immediately turned around only to see a very grim-looking Yunho, whose arm was being held resolutely by a worried Xiah. Micky realized what was wrong, hissing into his friend's ear.

“Get off of me, my human is pissed off!”

The tall succubus raised his hands in a defeated manner, with a short ‘sorry, hyung’, turning his face to Jaejoong, who was now presenting a very well-studied poker face.

“What was THAT?”, Yunho sounded very threatening, voice quiet, low, fist clenching and unclenching rhythmically. Micky decided that damage control was extremely appropriate in his current situation. The long-haired demon gave Xiah a sign. The younger succubus gently tapped Yunho’s shoulder, whispering something reassuringly.

“Hyung, don’t be mad. Changmin is only being clingy. You two better go and talk, ok?”

Micky smirked mentally at his lover's uncertain nod. Closing the distance between them, he grabbed Yunho’s hand, directing their steps into the kitchen and leaving the three people to sink in awkwardness.

Xiah let out an exasperated sigh but soon enough he needed to hold his breath once again. Jaejoong and Max were staring at each other, extremely disturbing, small smirks playing on their lips. Suddenly the demon’s voice pierced the silence.

“Inspector Kim, I didn’t expect to meet you in my own apartment. What brings you here, for it surely cannot be another questioning of my person?”

“You are absolutely correct, Shim Changmin-sshi. I came to ask Junsu-sshi about an issue that you are now most probably perfectly aware of.”

“I am not entirely sure if I got your insinuations right.”

“I was not insinuating anything. So for now can you please leave me with Junsu-sshi, so I could perform my duty?”

“If I am not mistaken in those kind of situations a lawyer should be present.”

“This is a necessity only when we question a person who is suspected of committing a crime. I believe Junsu-sshi doesn’t need one. Especially an unqualified one.”

Xiah was seriously frightened. But he was also seriously angered at how they talked about him in the third person. A decision was made – he would not tolerate this any longer, taking his life into his very own hands.
He approached them with a determined expression, a slightly trembling hand landing on Jaejoong’s wide shoulder.

“Jaejoong-sshi, please. Would… would you like to talk in my room?”

Xiah felt Jaejoong’s energy wavering for a few seconds. The brunette nodded, smiling gently.

“Of course. Can you lead the way?”

Max was eyeing the shorter demon suspiciously but the other couldn’t care less. He turned around and went to his bedroom, Jaejoong’s presence delicately reaching out for him, energy caressing his whole body.

Xiah turned the light on and closed the door behind them.

“Please, make yourself comfortable”, the spiked-haired succubus acted absolutely cool, although the hunger started to creep more inside his head, than his body. Draining Hyukjae had one good point – his energy was going to fuel Xiah for some time.

Suddenly Xiah’s hand was grabbed by a larger one.

“I don’t believe we were introduced properly. I’m Senior Inspector Kim Jaejoong. I hope we will get along well”, a friendly shake of hands and a blinding smile was all what Xiah received. Still, Jaejoong refused to let go.

“I’m… I’m Kim Junsu, third year music major student”, Xiah knew that he sometimes seemed forgetful or scatterbrained and most of his associates would be pretty shocked by how well he handled such situations, without any effort taking on a role he had been given.

Jaejoong slowly leaned in his direction, making their faces only centimeters apart. They were too close and Xiah's only thoughts were starting to waking up the desire inside him.

Oh shit, please just fuck me…

“If it makes you intimidated don’t hesitate and call me Jaejoong-hyung…”, the brunette breath mingled with Xiah’s, “…or just Jae…”, human's voice was sending sparks down the demon’s spine.

Fuck me, fuck me, fucking fuck me, please…

Xiah was aware that things weren’t going exactly as he planned for them to. He inhaled sharply and just then Jaejoong moved back in his seat, allowing the other some living space.

“I’ll stick to… Jaejoong-hyung. Is this ok?” The succubus slowly regained his senses, getting back in the game with a weak smile.

“Yeah. You make it sound pretty. Can I call you Junsu without those strange honorifics?”

“Be my guest”, Xiah ducked his head shyly, knowing that in some way it should leave an effect on the other. This was starting to resemble a battle between self-controls and Xiah really didn’t have any idea how long he will last, but no one was going to accuse him that he hadn’t tried, right?

“With pleasure. I won’t bother you any longer – I just wanted to set a date for your questioning”, Jaejoong's tone was now calm and cheery, like nothing had happened.

“My questioning?” Xiah shocked face seemed to amuse the brunette.

“Yes. It’s kinda weird to do an interview in the witness’ bedroom, don’t you think so? Please come to the Police Department tomorrow at three pm. I hope the time does not collide with your classes?”

Xiah was flabbergasted. He only managed to voice out quiet ‘no, it doesn’t’ and then Jaejoong was holding his hand again, teasing the soft skin with a thumb.

“So see you tomorrow then”, his breath tickled Xiah’s ear. Jeajoong left, abandoning a very frustrated and very horny succubus on the bed, not knowing that this was going to be a long night for the other.


Jaejoong emerged from Junsu’s bedroom with a Cheshire cat smile on his face. He noticed Changmin's long legs on the glassy table and a medical magazine in his hands.

“Judging from your smile the questioning went surprisingly well”, Changmin didn’t ask, he stated this more matter-of-factly. He sounded friendly, so Jaejoong stopped in his tracks to look at the boy.

“It wasn’t a questioning. We set a date for the real thing. Maybe I should do the same with you?”

“Maybe”, Changmin chuckled.

“Haven’t they finished yet?”

“Nope, they just started to make out on my kitchen table.”

“Tell Yunho that I went home.”

But before Jaejoong could make a move, Changmin's voice stopped him.

“Don’t hurt him. What goes around comes around. And he’s more than capable of extracting his revenge.”

Jaejoong adjusted his hair, meeting Changmin’s gaze.

“Is this a threat?”

“Once again – nope. Take it as a piece of advice.”

“Thank you but fuck you.”

“In your dreams. See you around, hyung”, the tall boy laughed and flipped the page.

Jaejoong left the apartment. He was content because his little play seemed to take its toll on the boy’s confused mind. The only thing that could bring him more happiness was Junsu’s naked body tied to the bed frame. And now it was only a matter of time. Who said that job can’t be mixed with pleasure?


Xiah was panting harshly, his body arching from the bed every time he tugged on his half hard erection. He could still feel Jaejoong’s hot breath on his lips and sensitive skin of ear. He had an idea of what the human was trying to pull out. However, somehow, he didn’t give a damn. Right now he craved for something inside him, for a release which would leave him satisfied.

While he slowly pulled on the thin skin on his member, smearing the pre-come over the crown with his thumb, the second one made its way to the puckered hole. The pad of his index finger was gently putting a little amount of pressure around it, from time to time slipping inside.

His hand pumped a little faster, speed escalating as one digit entered the twitching hotness, second joining him only few seconds later. Xiah let out a muffled moan, fearing that maybe Yunho, or even Jaejoong may hear him, if they hadn’t left yet.

The motions of both hands were surprisingly synchronized, fingers encircling around the red, slick cock, while Xiah massaged the muscles in his rectum.

Suddenly the door opened and a smirking Max peeking inside. Xiah didn’t stop, although his movements faltered for a moment.

“What do you want?”, he breathed out, the third finger stretching his hole from a different angle.
Max for a second looked serious.

“It’s you or this hungry bastard talking to me?”

“It’s me, but I don’t know how long I will last…”, Xiah words were moaned quietly, his neck straining when the raven-colored head dipped in a pillow.

The shorter demon halted all his actions when something landed before him on the bed. He looked between his spread legs to see a red vibrator with big edgings on its sides.

“You may need this. Remember about the lube, it’s in the drawer.”

Max's tall form retreated, leaving Xiah alone with the big toy. The demon didn’t think twice – he reached to night stand, opened the drawer and grabbed a small, curvy bottle. He poured the citrus smelling content onto his throbbing cock and puckered hole, lubricating his ass with two fingers. He loosely grasped the handle, quickly pushing the whole toy into his anus. He trembled, feeling the stretch, stings of pain running down his lower parts. He didn’t pay attention to them, making the toy go even further.

His hand came back to his hard manhood, fingers squeezing its base, occasionally playing with the scrotum. He remembered Jaejoong's smell, voice, touch. He imagined the other jerking off lazily while he himself was opening up for him. Xiah turned the toy on. With every small detail of Jaejoong’s form he pushed the speed button and in a short amount of time it was on its maximum. He started shoving the toy in and out of himself, the wet sound filling the room. Now the hand flew over the reddened member. When his finger dipped in the slit and the edgings of the vibrator brushed over the same place the head reached previously, he gasped for air, whispering Jaejoong’s name while come covered his bare stomach.

Something was telling Xiah that this wasn’t going in a nice direction, with one of them ending up dead. From over-use of masturbation and toys or energy-sucking sex life. And tomorrow was a starting day for Xiah’s definite end.

Next chapter

A/N 2: All shit has ended with the beginning of this month. Unfortunately, my muse decided that she needed vacation and left me with a note 'I'm leaving, fuck you and your fic, I don't know when I will come back'. As you can say she is a moody bitch, but slowly I managed to put this thing together. Big thanks, hugs and kisses to all people who supported me during my muse-less period. I love you guys :D

On the other hand - please, leave a comment after reading. It helps my self-esteem to stay on the ground and stop digging to China ^_^'

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