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FIC: [DBSK] Operation Chaos (4/11)

Title: Operation Chaos - chapter 4
Beta-reader: anaka237
Pairings: Jaejoong/Junsu, side Yunho/Yoochun, various others
Lenght: Chaptered
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Succubus!Junsu, Yoochun and Changmin, in next chapters probably more :P
Genre: AU, fantasy, humour, crack, smut
Summary: A story of what happens when a succubus with some issues meets a human with some issues.
Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. Plot is basing on the succubi legends but I trasformed them for the purpose of writing this fic.
Previous chapters: Prologue, 1, 2, 3


“Just tell me one thing – why is Yoochun taking away the love of my life?”, Jaejoong whined, head meeting with the dashboard.

“Huh?”, Yunho had expected a bunch of other questions, most of them revolving around Junsu’s age, sexual preferences and the type of guy he would spread his legs for. Wait, scratch the last one. Jaejoong would probably ask about the type of guy Junsu could ‘open up to’, trying to act as he did not want to ravish the boy.

Yunho gawked at Jaejoong for about ten seconds until his forehead was flicked by a long finger. The brunette sighed, while Yunho rubbed the sore spot.

“You totally got me there, Jae. Love at first sight?”

“Not first, idiot. “

“I still don’t get you…”, Yunho was confused, but who wouldn’t after dealing with almighty Kim Jaejoong’s indications and prompts.

“I’m sure that he is the one I saw in those hospitals”, the brunette bit his lip, frowning a little.

“No way. He’s studying. And if my information is correct, it’s music, not medicine”, the chestnut-haired man waved him off, completely missing the look the other gave him.

“How come I haven’t met him earlier?”, Jaejoong’s eyes were piercing his friend’s skull, bitterness in his voice not well-contained.

And here it comes…

“Maybe because he came back to town only three months ago and visited us only four times since then.”

“Why?”, Jaejoong was now like a sponge - imbibing all information about the boy without a single thought, Yunho could tell just by looking at his friend’s eager expression.

“He has studies, ya know. He is also dealing with some health problems and this is why Yoochun is often out, looking after him. I hope he won’t catch a cold, poor thing…”

Jaejoong’s face lit up in realization.

“If he’s sick, it makes perfect sense for me to see him in a hospital, you dolt!”

“But in three different ones?”

“Shut up, I’m trying hard to rationalize my visions. About fifteen minutes ago I almost had a heart attack, when I saw my fantasy standing before my very eyes, all soaked and adorable.”

“Okaaay, whatever. And I’m sure that it wasn’t a before-stroke-state. More like a boner alert”, Yunho grinned knowingly, avoiding a punch to his shoulder.

“That visible?”

“Judging from the tent in your pants, Yoochun’s ‘lioness protecting her offspring’ behavior and Junsu blush, yes, it was obvious that you wanted to do him. But hey, you’re not the only one”, Yunho turned his attention back to the road, waiting for the onslaught.

“What do you mean by that?”, Jaejoong became wary and cautious. It was almost hilarious how the older reacted to all this inclinations, making Yunho feel a little guilty for being mean and indirect.

He smells danger…

“My first encounter with Junsu wasn’t on a family dinner. When I was coming back from a pub… erm… supermarket, I heard something strange in the nearest alley…”

“… and being a model officer, you decided to butt in”, the brunette cut him mid-sentence. Yunho didn’t pay attention to it, continuing the story.

“What I saw was pretty much Junsu pinned to the wall, some bulky guy molesting him. He begged the bastard to stop, but I think it only turned that piece of trash more. Though, it was REALLY hot…”

“Don’t make me kill you…”, Jaejoong hissed warningly, fists tightly clenched.

“You know, it was the first time I wanted to have a one night stand. Back to the topic… Of course I saved him. I had taken both of them to hospital, because I roughed that almost-rapist pretty badly. And then, after an hour, Yoochun arrived. For a moment there I did not have the slightest clue what was happening, because I hadn’t called him. He went straight to the kid. Junsu told him something and then Yoochun finally snapped out of his daze. During our relationship I’d never seen him this shocked. But he collected himself pretty quickly. They both approached me and dude, believe me or not, when Junsu bowed and said ‘Thank you, Hyungnim’ I was pretty close to adopting him. Don’t look at me like that! When Chun came, my mind was brought back to its normal state. Besides, I was never able to cheat, so yeah… Then Yoochun told me that Junsu is his baby cousin and he just transferred to our Uni to study music”, Yunho took a deep breath after ending his monologue, probably expecting that it will be sufficient for Jaejoong’s insatiable curiosity.

Jaejoong breathed out, grabbing a box of cigarettes and taking one out. When Yunho grimaced, opening his mouth to stop him from lighting the damn thing, he was shushed by Jaejoong’s glare.

“You’re going to answer a few questions, Jung Yunho.”

The brown-haired man gave him an incredulous look, but no word of complain dared to escape. It was still raining outside, but obviously the brunette didn’t care as he opened the car window, exhaling the smoke with semi-parted lips.

“How old is he?”

Ha! I knew he would ask that!

“Twenty two.”

“Is he gay?”

“Jaejoong!” Yunho made a disgusted face at the usage of this hateful word, his voice kind of whiny.

“Sorry. Is he homosexual?”

“I don’t know for sure, but I think that yes, he is.”

“I assume that you don’t have an idea if he has a partner or not?”

“Nope, I don’t know anything. Although, there is a kid named Changmin or something like this, who is Junsu’s roommate… But I only heard of him.”

Jaejoong turned his head so quickly that Yunho wondered how come he didn’t lose it.

“Changmin? Shim Changmin?” The raven-haired man voice was urgent and somehow surprised.

“Yeah, something like that…” Yunho backed away a few centimeters, seeing his best friend’s strange expression. “Jae, is something wrong? How do you know the guy?”

“Nothing’s wrong. Just heard the name somewhere before…” The brunette took a long drug, puffing the gray cloud throughout the window.

“Don’t give me that shit, I know something’s bothering you”, Yunho’s stare was scolding, but he was instantly dismissed by Jaejoong’s death glare.

Nothing is wrong. Understood?”

“I get it. Whatever.”


When the door behind them closed, Micky gestured for Xiah to sit on the bed and be quiet. Making sure that they were alone now, with Yunho and Jaejoong out on a duty, the taller demon bored his chocolate eyes’ stare into the smaller figure on the bed.

“It was you”, it wasn’t a question and Xiah nodded, fingers crumpling the material of his wet t-shirt. “Name”, Micky demanded, pacing nervously around the room.

“Lee Hyukjae…”, the raven-haired demon whisper was almost inaudible, but the other's ears caught it perfectly. He spoon around, all traces of his calm mask disappearing in few seconds.

“We’re sooo in-fucking-credibly doomed…”, Micky mumbled, face-palming with a conceded manner. Xiah didn’t say a word, eyes downcast and trained on the fluffy, white carpet.

The long-haired male abruptly stopped in his tracks. With one swift movement, grabbing the other’s hand, he pulled him up.

“We’re teleporting. We need to catch Max and now he is most probably in your Mother’s palace. Remember to keep your mouth shut if we happen to bump into Her, ok?”

“I know, right?” Xiah trembled, but his other hand came to grip Micky’s arm.

Tear-shaped eyes stayed tightly sealed as soon as the younger demon’s world twirled, semi-LSD vision of colors and shapes enveloping him.

In the next minutes the two demons were standing in the middle of a rocky nowhere, with red sand under their feet and a soft, warm wind on their faces.

“Your sense of direction is as bad as always, Micky”, the spiked-haired boy chuckled, but went silent in next moment, chocolate orbs glaring at him with choler.

“Shut up, you brat. You stay here - I’m going to find this Eiffel-high bastard”, Micky’s face was stormy, his aura being in the same state. He turned around, dissolving into thin air.

Xiah breathed out and sat on the nearby boulder, his mind slowly drifting away to the broad chest he landed on and the strong energy that almost fucked his senses when he stood there in the rain. Not to mention the hard length pressed against his thigh, the fast beating of the other’s heart with their bodies flush and long fingers crawling into his arms and… Xiah groaned wantonly, his hand slowly moving to the zipper.

He felt a tiny pang of guilt, remembering the fact that because of his insatiable other self Hyukjae was now in a coma and he was sitting here, shamelessly lusting after another human body. He stopped in the midst of unzipping his pants and whined pitifully, burying his face in his hands.

“My life is meaningless”, the black-haired boy sighed to the emptiness, trying to bask in his own self-pity, bruised self-esteem healing at the speed of a racing snail. But apparently the Emptiness had other plans as it thwacked him over the head.

Wait. What.

Xiah jumped with a squeak, eyes wide with horror as he toppled over his own foot and landed straight into an embrace from one of his best friends.

“I like this look. It screams ‘I’m still a virgin, so please rape me’. Surely human rapists are going to enjoy it too, while you sneakily suck them dry from their energy. Or while you just suck them.”

Xiah regained his composure, which was quite a challenge with two muscular arms around his waist and with his derriere being kneaded mercilessly by slim fingers.

“You mofo, you better stop or I’m going to tell my Mom about this! And I’ll make sure to cry at that time!”

Suddenly, the black-haired boy was yanked away from the preying hands and with a spectacular pirouette he landed on Micky’s chest.

“Oh, we don’t want to see your Mom's rage now, do we?” the shiny, chocolate orbs twinkled with something akin to a plea and Xiah reluctantly nodded. A loud sound of a clearing throat disrupted the peaceful moment. The smaller boy’s head turned slightly, but his arms came to encircle the other’s waist, hands on his strong back.
From this position Xiah glared, with one scorching stare trying to chop, suffocate and burn away the infamous ‘Max Smirk’ and Max himself. But the said person didn’t take his efforts to heart, his smirk still in the right place, eyes crinkling with undisturbed mischievousness.

“Micky, you’re officially the Spoilsport of the month. Besides, his Mom loves me.”

“Probably because you fuck everything what is capable of breathing.”

“Said the guy who decided to have fun with a fish.”

Xiah’s eyes were saucer-sized, making Micky a little uncomfortable.

“Haven’t you said that Yunho was absolutely against it?”

Micky sighed.

“He was.”


“And I did it anyway”, the long-haired demon turned his face around, a small grin gracing his plump lips at the memory of his ‘experiment’.

“This could be counted as animal abuse”, Max smirked, still extremely entertained by Xiah’s horrified expression.

“No way, the fish liked it…” Micky said with a nonchalant wave of his hand.

“Micky, for God’s sake…”, Xiah started only to be shushed by a finger on his lips.

“Remember what I’ve told you about what He told us about calling His name in this place?”

The shorter demon opened and closed his mouth a couple of times, but no word came out. He concluded that debating this won’t help them and once more flopped lifelessly onto the boulder.

The tall, short-haired brunette took three steps and sat beside Xiah.

“Micky told me about Hyukjae. And about this Jaejoong guy. You’re horny because of him?”

The smaller demon gulped.


Max smirked evilly.

“Well, that’s too bad. You see, he is the one in charge of searching for the culprit of our ‘energy sucking’ incidents. He is not blind. The guy had noticed me in those hospitals and I bet that he had caught a glimpse of you too. He wants your ass, but not in the way you want him to want it.”

“I’m not entirely sure about the last one…” Micky stated, locking eyes with Xiah.

“What do you mean by this?”

“He would've most probably raped Xiah in my hallway, if not for the fact that I came in. Even I could feel how much he wanted him. You tripped because of his energy, didn’t you?”

Xiah looked gob smacked.

“How did you know?”

“I stopped making out with Yunho because my senses were smacked by Jaejoong’s energy. And then I saw him sporting a boner just because he touched you. Besides… you weren’t better, Xiah. You panted like he’d performed a handjob on you…”

“How come the hunger didn’t overtake you?”, Max was now sitting facing Xiah, orbs full of curiosity, his fist supporting his chin.

“I don’t have any idea. Maybe because I ate before? Though, I felt something similar…”

“Don’t ‘similar’ me. Tell me exactly what it was”, Max urged him to spit it out, the researcher mode still on and working.

“I think it was what they call lust… I… I didn't need his energy. I needed him to just do me…”

Max scratched his chin, an absent look on his face making him look a little more odd than usual.


Micky cleared his throat, patting the tall demon shoulder.

“What we are going to do about Hyukjae’s memory when he wakes up? And what about Jaejoong and Yunho?”

“Leave Hyukjae to me. As for the rest… You two must be more careful around them. I can’t manipulate them, because when I’m in the hospital the guys are unconscious and I have time to put spells. I doubt I will have a chance to sneak into Jaejoong’s apartment when he’s asleep. Just stay put and try to not attack him when you’re hungry, Xiah”, Max said and then turned to Micky. “And you make sure that this human won’t touch him until I’m done with my research.”


“I’m sure that Hyukjae’s not gay, we sometimes had watched… um… magazines together. He was a boobs fan!”

Jaejoong nodded, his head already throbbing. Questioning this Shin Donghee guy wasn’t leading him to resolving the case, instead creating only more problems. If Lee Hyukjae wasn’t homosexual, it would mean that this incident didn’t rank between the other three and they could leave it alone for someone in this jurisdiction. But all things that doctors had said seemed to be a mocking reminder that maybe Lee Hyukjae was indeed bi-curious and ended up as the fourth victim of this sex-addicted energy vampire. And it would of course lead to a conclusion that the culprit was a student, given the circumstances in which Hyukjae was found.

“Um… Officer Kim, I don’t know if this helps but lately he was hanging out with Kim Junsu, a transfer student and they looked like they were really close. Maybe he knows something… I wonder why he didn’t come here to check on Hyuk?...”, Donghee trailed off, completely missing the shocked stare Jaejoong gave him, when he mentioned Junsu.

He excused himself for a moment, passing by Yunho who was – as always – patiently dealing with the family of the victim, explaining that the Police will do everything to catch the evildoer in a short time period.

Jaejoong went straight to the restroom, turning the water on and splashing his face. Looking into the big mirror, he tried to put his thoughts in order.

Junsu came to town three months ago, when the first incident occurred. Yunho told him that the boy most probably preferred men over females. He could swear that he saw Junsu in hospitals in which the victims had been staying. Junsu’s roommate could be the same guy, whom he interrogated without Yunho’s knowledge. And then came the innocence - the best remembered trait. From what he could tell Junsu was oozing with it. The boy was Lee Hyukjae’s friend and the time in which the guy was found could be linked to Junsu’s sudden appearance before Yoochun and Yunho’s door.

Everything led to only one conclusion: the guy he fell in love with at the first sight could be a sex-deprived beast that gave in to every man who wanted it. Jaejoong was positively pissed off, never in his entire life feeling so possessive and wanting to claim what was his. When he realized in what direction his thoughts were going, he slapped himself mentally, once more splashing his face with cold water.

He needed evidence, kickass evidence. If it turned out that Junsu wasn’t the one behind all this over-fucked cases, Jaejoong would be able to sleep peacefully. However, if Junsu really was a nymphomaniac… A nasty, evil smirk creeped on his lips, when he carefully explored the whole range of possible ways of punishing the boy in his own, private cell.

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A/N: This chapter was meant to clarify some things and it ended up being probably the longest fail I've ever created. I'm sorry T_T, please bear with me... Comments are always loved ^_^
Tags: !language: english, *fandom: dbsk, fic: operation chaos, genre: au, genre: comedy/crack, genre: smut, lenght: chaptered, media: fic, pairing: jaejoong/junsu, rating: nc17, rating: pg13
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