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FIC: [DBSK] Operation Chaos (3/11)

Title: Operation Chaos - chapter 3
Beta-reader: anaka237
Pairings: Jaejoong/Junsu, side Yunho/Yoochun, various others; this chapter: Hyukjae/Junsu
Lenght: Chaptered
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Succubus!Junsu, Yoochun and Changmin, in next chapters probably more :P
Genre: AU, fantasy, humour, crack, smut
Summary: A story of what happens when a succubus with some issues meets a human with some issues.
Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. Plot is basing on the succubi legends but I trasformed them for the purpose of writing this fic.
Previous chapters: Prologue, 1, 2
A/N: They FINALLY meet ;D


Never in his entire lifetime has Hyukjae dreamed of something like this to happen. Well, maybe during some lonely nights he actually did, because recently his sex fantasies were almost always revolving around his friend. Miraculously, he managed to not masturbate every time Junsu’s naked silhouette appeared in his normally boobs-filled mind. However, nowadays Hyukjae just couldn’t help but to notice how incredibly alluring the raven-haired boy was. It was weird and for the most part of it uncomfortable for his pants, actually.

Now, his very soul was threatening to escape. After those uncontrolled by his pituitary gland actions he was expecting everything – an argument, a bitch-slap or even an ass kicking, but surely not this.

“Oh shit!...”, the chestnut-haired boy hissed, teeth clenched, when Junsu’s gorgeously skilled fingers massaged his crotch, alternating pressure with every squeeze. His brain was practically in a mess, the light licking on his earlobe doing nothing to help him catch up with what was happening.

“Men’s restroom… Now…”, Junsu moaned straight to his ear, gently biting the shell. It came to Hyukjae after a short moment – they were in their college’s soccer team changing room. Everyone could see them, they could get expelled, they could be harassed about this for the rest of their life.

If not for the grip on his wrist, he would not realize that Junsu was quickly leading him in the boy’s restroom direction. They passed through the door frame, Hyukjae almost having a face-to-face meeting with the tiled floor on their way to the last cubicle.

The door behind them shut. Junsu immediately sunk to his knees, in one swift move dealing with his friend’s zipper. He mouthed Hyukjae’s erection, his wet tongue darting out to teasingly brush over the thin layer of material.

Hyukjae’s eyes were wide in shock when Junsu pushed his underwear down, lips grazing the exposed manhood, from crown to balls, slightly nipping on the skin, tongue lapping over visible veins in a never-ending sensual torture. His head hit the metal wall exactly in time with Junsu slowly engulfing his cock into his sinful lips. Hyukjae buried fingers in the stylized, raven strands, pulling at them frantically with each sweep. For someone who seemed to be kind of gullible in the most cases, Junsu sure was hell of an experienced and calculating tease. Hyukjae felt the hotness leaving for a moment, giving him a chance to regain his consciousness.

He looked down. Seeing a provocative smirk on the other boy’s face made his insides churn with something akin to anger mixed with need, passion. For a second Hyukjae felt afraid of whatever was happening to him but when he met the golden-colored orbs, equally lust-blown, all thoughts of being reasonable left his mind.

Harshly grabbing Junsu’s hair he forced his manhood into his voluptuous mouth, not caring much about the gagging sound the other had made. He started thrusting, pleasurable heat overtaking him until Junsu started to suck, the flushed cheeks hollowed while quiet, almost inaudible keening sounds filled the small space. The flicking of tongue, occasional brushing and pushing into the leaking tip made Hyukjae lose his mind completely. He could feel the muscles constricting every time the head of his cock hit the back of Junsu’s throat.

The raven-haired boy put his hands on Hyukjae’s hips, knowing perfectly well what was going to happen in a matter of seconds. One last aggressive thrust and the chestnut-haired boy spilled himself into the welcoming, moist cavern, aftershocks running down his spine and making his legs wobbly.

Hyukjae felt incredibly satisfied, but at the same time his body was completely drained and his limbs were now somehow lax. Slowly, his back slid over the wall, his knees giving up on him. He didn’t have any idea why, because surely a guy’s body should not be this weak after only a blowjob.

He looked up and what he saw was pretty much the same naked Junsu which had appeared in his countless, perverted fantasies. How he managed to undress so quickly was a wondrous matter. Not that Hyukjae complained, of course. Having something so nice before you would certainly make a straight guy gay.

A weird feeling of uncertainty popped inside Hyukjae’s stomach when Junsu ogled him, eyes somehow sinister and shimmering with gold. This certainly wasn’t normal. His intuition knew that something was wrong, but his mind in this post-orgasmic state was as good as an empty can.

The brunette lowered himself, leering in Hyukjae direction.

“I expected you to be more efficient, human”, Junsu straddled him, diabolical smirk marring his voluptuous lips.

“Huh?” was the only coherent word Hyukjae could muster up, his eyes glued to Junsu’s hand.

The raven-haired boy teasingly licked two fingers, after a few agonizingly long moments sucking on them with a low moan. The other hand went straight to Hyukjae’s manhood, bringing it back to life in seconds, although the person in question was sure that his body lacked an enormous amount of energy needed for another, probably much wilder, round.

Hyukjae’s orbs went absolutely wide when Junsu started scissoring himself, a low growl making him shiver in both - fear and anticipation. He gasped in shock, the scorching heat encircling him gradually.

Junsu put both hands on the other’s boy shoulders, impaling himself on Hyukjae’s cock with a soft moan.


Seeing his friend’s expression of pure bliss mixed with pain, Junsu smiled evilly.

“Yep, this is precisely what we are going to do now. Try not to die, human.”


Xiah landed on Hyukjae’s chest, desperately trying to regain his breath. His hands tentatively moved up in an attempt to feel the other’s heartbeat.

Xiah abruptly halted his actions, propping himself up on straight arms, sheer terror written on his face. His friend’s heart was beating slowly and almost inaudibly, breathing steady but a little imperceptible. Other guys were in a better condition and this bothered the brunette the most.

Grabbing Hyukjae by the shoulders, the demon shook him gently, however, with each passing second his movements were getting more and more frantic and desperate.

“Hyuk, Hyuk, please, wake up, dude! Don’t do this to me…”, the demon orbs watered, as he slapped the chestnut-haired boy two times, to no avail, unfortunately.

“Shit, what have I done?...”, a sob escaped his lips. He heard someone entering the restroom. Panicking, he stood up, in a few clumsy movements covering his sweaty body with pants and t-shirt.

Heavy footsteps were even closer now. Xiah needed to escape. The door to the cubicle on his right was opened. His mind instantly went blank, only two persons’ names floating there freely.

“Micky, Max… Somebody, help me…”

In next moment he was standing in the pouring rain, door to Micky and Yunho’s apartment being right before his nose.

With shaking hands he pushed the button, an irritating sound of the doorbell resounding even outside.
Xiah felt a strange, very strong human energy approaching the door and it definitely wasn’t Yunho, even though Micky’s human energy also felt extremely alluring. The raven-haired boy insides squeezed a little, dizziness overtaking him for a second. He could swear that the smell of this particular potency was in every hospital he visited under Max’s care and it haunted him ever since the first time.

When the door opened, the power hit his senses with full force, making his vision blurry.


“… and then Yunho fainted. Seriously, I don’t know why he was so shocked when I showed him this dildo. It wasn’t like he was going to take it up in his ass, though, I wouldn’t mind some reverse play from time to time…”, the long-haired brunette grinned provocatively. Jaejoong stole a look at Yunho, who was blushing furiously over his bowl with homemade (read as: Jaejoong-made) kimchi. He totally expected Yoochun talking freely about their sex life – for some time now he was a fan of those stories, Yoochun’s humor and straightforwardness making them even more hilarious than they could be when told by someone else.

“Besides, Yunho is sometimes a totally closed-minded person. Experiments are a nice way to relieve your stress, you know?”

“If you’re still talking about that fish-thing…”, Yunho started in a warning tone, but was cut off.

“Oh, stop being a weepy dick! This Japanese girl did it, why in the world can’t I?”

“Maybe because she has a vagina?”, Jaejoong decided to end his best friend’s misery by butting in. He was awarded with Yoochun sending him an incredulous look.

“Are you doubting my ass’ abilities?”, the long-haired man asked, brow quirked in disbelief.

“Dude, me? ’Course not. I wouldn’t dare to even think about it”, Jaejoong concluded that this conversation wasn’t going in a good direction, given the way Yunho gaped at them. Yoochun seemed to notice it too, leaning in his boyfriend direction.

“Hey Yun, stop doing this with your mouth or else I’m going to take advantage of you…”, deep voice whispered, making Yunho visibly shiver with pleasure.

“If not for the circumstances, I would make you both do the dishes, because I made the food, you leeches. Know my generosity, Chun. I’m going to reign in the kitchen for a while. But remember one thing – you are allowed to fuck only after I leave, understood?”, Jaejoong smirked in at Yoochun, receiving a greasy smile.

“Jaejoong!”, Yunho pleaded with his eyes as soon as his boyfriend hand found his crotch.

“Listen to Yoochun and stop being a weepy dick”, Jaejoong didn’t spare them a second glance, taking the dirty plates with him.

After a while the sounds of wet kissing reached him. He turned on the water, choosing to give the dishwasher a compassionate leave and handling the problem with his own hands.

Suddenly the doorbell rang, startling him completely. Putting the dishcloth away, he made his way to check it up. His intuition told him that his hosting couple was most certainly too immersed in their loud making-out to even notice a visitor.

When his hand landed on the doorknob, a weird premonition that something big was going to happen flashed through his mind.

Not paying the second thought, he pushed the door open.

His breath got caught in his throat.

The boy, the same raven-haired one, from all his hospital supposedly-to-be mirages, was standing before him: clothes disheveled, hair messy and wet from the rain, his chest heaving while big, tear-shaped eyes were staring at him in utter bewilderment.

“Were is Micky?”, the boy made one small step, tripping on the doorstep and landing straight on mesmerized Jaejoong.

As soon as the boy touched him, he felt an unimaginable urge to fuck him into the wall. Jaejoong’s body seemed to be charged with electricity, shaky breathing on his shoulder only helping him to sport a boner.

Jaejoong had a violent comeback to reality when suddenly the warm weight was yanked off of him.

He looked up, meeting Yoochun's stare. The long-haired man clearly had the protective mode on, shielding the boy with his back. Jaejoong couldn’t recall if he had ever seen the other in such state. He noticed the boy’s hand going to Yoochun’s shoulder, patting it gently.

“Micky, stop. It was my fault…”, the boy started.

“How many times do I have to remind you?”, the older man turned his head slightly to give the other a disapproving look.

“I’m sorry, Yoochun.”

Jaejoong woke up from his daze.

“Micky?”, his eyes were bored into Yoochun, waiting for explanation. The man sighed, scratching his forehead and taking a deep breath as he was preparing for a long tirade.

“This is my baby cousin, Junsu. He used to call me by that name and now he just can’t get rid of the old habit. Are you going to interview me about it more or what?”

Jaejoong didn’t have time to answer when Yunho’s head popped up from behind the entrance to the living room.

“I’ve got a call from the office. We have another one over-fucked, he is in a coma and we need to go to the hospital. Oh God Junsu, I didn’t mean to-”, the brown-haired man noticed the boy only after a moment, the lad covering his mouth with both hands. The horror-filled expression made Yunho absolutely uncomfortable and totally guilty.

Yoochun grabbed Junsu and pulled him into direction of his shared with Yunho bedroom, turning for a moment to both men, who stayed in the hall.

“You guys better go now. I have other problems to deal with.”

Jaejoong noticed Junsu bowing slightly to him, mouthing ‘I’m sorry’ just before he was dragged out of his sight.

“Dude, move your ass, we need to go…”

“Yeah, you’re right…”

Yunho saw the longing gaze Jaejoong sent to his bedroom door. He suspected that their road to the hospital will be a tiring and question-flooded one.

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Tags: !language: english, *fandom: dbsk, fic: operation chaos, genre: au, genre: comedy/crack, genre: smut, lenght: chaptered, media: fic, pairing: jaejoong/junsu, pairing: yunho/yoochun, rating: nc17
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