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FIC: [DBSK] Operation Chaos (Prologue)

Title: Operation Chaos - Prologue
Pairings: Jaejoong/Junsu, side Yunho/Yoochun, past!Jaejoong/Hyunjoong, lots of past!Su!pairings
Lenght: Chaptered
Rating: PG-13 (for this chapter), NC-17 for the whole story
Warnings: Succubus!Junsu, Yoochun and Changmin, in next chapters probably more :P
Genre: AU, fantasy, humour and of course smuttish crack in upcoming chapters probably failed at it miserably
Summary: A story of what happens when a succubus with some issues meets a human with some issues.
Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. Plot is basing on the succubi legends but I trasformed them for the purpose of writing this fic.
A/N: This is all anaka237 fault. She forced me to write this.


“Officer Kim and officer Jung, I would like to see you in my office. In about thirty seconds.”

Jaejoong sighed. He saw his hopes for a peaceful day waving at him from behind the window. Dealing with Superintendent Park Jungsu, especially when he seemed to be in kind of a bitchy mood, wasn’t a pleasant experience. At all.

Jaejoong looked at Yunho, who almost hit the black, wooden desk with his forehead in a failed suicide attempt.

Well, at least I’m not going down myself.

Yes, Senior Inspector Kim Jaejoong was sometimes a bastard. But only people close to him knew it. For other unsuspecting living creatures he was a righteous, hard-working and charming man with very high chances of becoming the next superintendent, not to mention his dangerously good looks that made ladies swoon, drool and worship the ground he walked on.

The man almost jumped when he felt strong vibrations on his right thigh. Having a classy, black mobile with all features apparently had some bad points too.

‘One unread message from HyunOnTheFlower’ the screen said and Jaejoong decided that he will deal with his current partner after dealing with his current chief.

Jaejoong carded his long fingers through charcoal, soft strands, fixing his fringe and then proceeding to take care of his tie when Yunho nudged him on the shoulder.

“Yes, you’re perfect, stop being a narcissist and I know that you’re happy that I’m in this swamp with you, because I saw your shit-eating grin.”

“Is that a proper way to address your elders?”

“A half month of a difference isn’t a difference.”

“Please remind me that when I get my promotion I need to move you to the motards.”

Yunho rolled his eyes and patted Jaejoong on the back good-naturally.

“You wouldn’t survive a second without me. Get your ass up, we need to enter the lion’s den.”

“Kim and Jung, you better be five centimeters from my door or some heads are going to fall!”, very angry, very demanding voice called from behind the glassed door.

“The lion sure is hungry…”, Yunho muttered, covering eyes with his hand. “We’re so screwed…”

“The lion is sure not getting any for some time now”, Jaejoong smirked and stood up.

“Is this just me or you make everything about sex and things related to it?”

“Like Yoochun isn’t doing it all the time”, the brunette retorted, catching the younger off-guard. The truth was that Jaejoong and Yunho’s boyfriend, Yoochun, hit it right off the bat from the very beginning and now they even resorted to calling themselves Soul Mates, to Yunho’s unspeakable horror, of course.

Maneuvering between their dazed co-workers’ desks, Yunho could almost swear that his best friend was basking in the whole attention they were receiving. But soon enough his charming smile disappeared, face taken over by an expression of a fully prepared for anything pro. Yunho grabbed the metallic handle and pushed the door open. They stepped inside, heads high and backs perfectly straight. Great role-models for kids and admirable Police Investigation Department officers someone would say, but certainly this someone wasn’t their head-in-chief.

“You called, sir.”

“Yes, about some time ago. I also recall telling you two to be here in thirty seconds”, visibly irritated superintendent Park decided to show how furious he was by continuously riddling white paper before him with his emerald-colored pen.

“We’re very sorry, sir”, Jaejoong continued, his perfect façade still in place while Yunho was pulling off his best poker face, eyes focused on mercilessly perforated piece of paper.

“You better be. Whatever. Do you remember the Lee Donghae case?”

Jaejoong took one deep breath and started reciting.

“Three months ago Lee Donghae, twenty-three years old, was found unconscious in the park. During the observation in a hospital he claimed to have no memory of what had happened to him. Doctors confirmed that there were no signs of abduction, but his body seemed to lost a lot of… energy. It was also corroborated that he had a sexual intercourse the night before he was found passed out. No traces of the culprit were found and the whole case was closed because of lack of evidence, the person responsible for the act and the victim’s slightest intentions to find out what had occurred that night.”

Jaejoong had a great memory, but chanting the details of all the cases he came across during his entire carrier was not his hobby. He remembered this case for one particular reason – two tear-shaped, gold-tinted orbs that gazed at him in the hospital hall. And made him horny and hot all over. But he was at a loss, because they vanished as quickly as they appeared. He tried to come back and look for this eternal creature that captured his attention so effortlessly. Of course the fact that he wanted to fuck whoever it was to oblivion was a nice motivation too. But his resolution was soon wavered when Yunho reminded him, oh so kindly, that the only thing he caught a glimpse of were those mesmerizing eyes. And being a real friend as he was, the younger conjointly added that probably it was only Jaejoong’s sick, perverted mind that started to play tricks on him, taunting him with a promise of infinite sex. He was brought back from his little reminiscing journey by his supervisor's tired voice.

“Well, gentlemen. Let me announce that we have another blacked out guy. He is now under observation.”
“Why have we been informed only now?”

“Because he was found in another part of the city and local police decided it was best to push the responsibility onto people who had encountered something similar in the past. The name of the victim is Kim Jongwoon, he is twenty-five years old and the only thing he has in common with our Lee Donghae-sshi is being gay.”

Yunho’s brow twitched and he spoke in a warning tone.

“Sir, that was…”

Their chief flung his hand in the air, dismissing all the resentment that Yunho harbored for a word with this one gesture of not giving a shit.

“Yes, yes. I know. Homosexual. So now if you two would please be so kind… Go back to work, check on that guy and catch this homo-energy-sucking-nymphomaniac or whatever it is and we will all live a happy ever after. If that’s understood then you’re both dismissed.”

“Yes, sir”, Jaejoong and Yunho saluted simultaneously. They retreated from Park Jungsu's office, quickly going back to their desks and grabbing the necessities with fluent movements.

Five minutes later they were sitting in a nicely shaped, silver car with Yunho behind the wheel, ready to throw tantrums because of the traffic.

“Should have trusted public transportation…”, Yunho’s head, dyed a dark brown color, landed on the backrest of his seat, all signs of a fighting spirit leaving his body with an aggravated huff.

He glanced at his friend, who was reading some text messages. The next thing he saw was Jaejoong gripping his mobile for dear life, eyes wide with a mix of shock and terror. Yunho immediately turned his attention to the mobile. As he read the message, he quietly cursed.

“Shit, not AGAIN.”

All Jaejoong could see were those words sent by Hyunjoong.

From HyunOnTheFlower:
After last night I decided. This is not going to work, Jae. You’re a great guy but this is over. My ass can’t take it anymore. You need to find someone with as much… umm… stamina in bed as you. Goodbye.

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