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You know - easy access and all this jazz XD Not much, but will be frequently updated if I manage to write something decent ;]

IMPORTANT: this list contains some AO3 links to my works. But don't fret - there will always be an information about it, especially if the fic is available only on AO3. And no, I'm not removing my LJ ;) [edited: 18.03.2014]


DBSK fandom

VIDEO HoSu trilogy [Cross-posted on AO3]
Pairings: Yunho/Junsu, hints of Yoochun/Changmin, ninja!Jaejoong/Junsu, ninja!Jaejoong/Hyunjoong
Stubborn, PG-13 (for some mild swearing), fluff, comedy
Summary: Boys made a pretty cruel prank on Junsu. Junsu was mad. In the end Yunho saved the day. Or the night, whatever.
Coward, PG-13, fluff, comedy
Summary: Yunho saved the day. Or the night, whatever. He needs to face the consequences. Jaejoong is there to help those consequences, while YooMinSu stays adorably clueless as to what to do next.
Changes, NC-17, smut, comedy, crack
Summary: Mirotic-era brought many changes. Some of them were quite visible. Or peek-able, if you see things from JaeChunMin point of view.

Title: Operation Chaos [Cross-posted on AO3]
Pairings: Jaejoong/Junsu, side Yunho/Yoochun, various others
NC-17, AU, Fantasy, Smut, Comedy, Crack
Summary: A story of what happens when a succubus with some issues meets a human with some issues.
Chapters: Prologue, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Final chapter, Epilogue

Title: Reality of a dream [Cross-posted on AO3]
Changmin/Junsu, NC-17, angst, smut fluff at the end
Summary: Some dreams are just too vivid.

Title: It's gonna hurt [Cross-posted on AO3]
Changmin/Junsu, NC-17, smut, humor, AU
Summary: Porn industry is full of ambitious people. What happens if two of them collide?

Series: Over the... [Cross-posted on AO3]
Jaejoong/Junsu, PG-13 (first and third) and NC-17 (second), angst, smut, AU

Inspired by: Finger Eleven – Paralyzer
Title: Over the glass

Inspired by: BYZ – Do You Wanna Fuck?
Title: Over the senses

Inspired by: Submersed – Hollow
Title: Over the holes

GOT7 fandom

All things High School [Available only on AO3]
Pairing: Jaebum/Jinyoung
Why high school doesn't have to suck, PG-13, fluff, comedy, High School Verse (duh)
Summary: Jinyoung thinks a lot. Especially during his classes. Especially when Jaebum's just a paper ball throw away.
Why detention can be challenging in more than one way, PG-13, fluff, comedy, High School Verse
Summary: Jaebum makes bad choices. Especially during detention. Especially when Jinyoung's smile is involved.

Title: Repenting for sins [Available only on AO3] [updated: 18.03.2014]
Yugyeom/Jaebum, PG-13, band!fic, crack-ish with lots of teasing
Summary: Jaebum isn't exactly the nicest person to Yugyeom, so Karma won't be exactly kind to Jaebum too, right? Well, like always - it all depends on the point of view.

B2ST fandom

Warnings: F-locked, written in polish
Title: I tu pies pogrzebany?
Hints of Doojun/Yoseob, Junhyung/Hyunseung, PG, comedy
Summary: What happens when kids start to bring animals home.



Warnings: F-locked, written in polish
Title: Du bist ein idiot!
France/Prussia, NC-17, smut
Summary: Prussia thought that he didn't need anybody. But he surely needed to get laid. France complied.

Warnings: F-locked, written in polish
Title: Aphrodisiaque
France/Prussia, hints of USA/UK, NC-17, smut
Summary: About what you SHOULD do if you want France to take you from behind in the toilets, while others are debating about world's economy.


Title: Intoxicated [Available only on AO3]
Nnoitra/Grimmjow, NC-17, smut, AU
Summary: It's rough. It's borderline painful. But it's still pleasure. And that's what counts.

Title: God of War [Available only on AO3]
Rose/Kensei, PG-13, slice-of-life-ish??? (idk)
Summary: Rose had once said something to Kensei and somehow that made them the way they are now.

Zombie Powder

Title: Wait [Cross-posted on AO3]
Gamma/Elwood, NC-17, angst, smut
Summary: You can’t just forget, can you?
Tags: !language: english, !master fic list, *fandom: axis powers hetalia, *fandom: beast/b2st, *fandom: bleach, *fandom: dbsk, *fandom: got7, *fandom: zombie powder

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