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Sticky post



Don't be scared by this ;)

It is here for a reason. Two of my polish fics are NC-17 and I'm planning on posting more things categorized under the same tag (in my native language ;)). Note one thing - only entries in POLISH will be f-locked.

This is kinda like an introduction post... Better late than never, don't you guys think?

So... This journal came to life only because I REALLY wanted to comment on some fanfiction authors' work. However later it became clear to me, that my desire to write have started to get stronger after a VERY long break.

And also to make it clear - English isn't my first language, so please be considerate when you will see some grammar mistakes and typos XD There is also a tag named !language: english. Tags are your friends, so don't be scared of using them to your evil purposes ;)

I'm not going to bite off your head and commenting under this entry isn't necessary for me to befriend you. Although I would be really happy if you could talk to me ^_^ Feel free to add me and comment - I'm waiting :)

Posted on 30 July 2010
Tags: !introduction

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