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FIC: [DBSK] Operation Chaos (Epilogue)

Title: Operation Chaos - Epilogue
Pairings: Jaejoong/Junsu, side Yunho/Yoochun, ninja!Kyuhyun/Changmin
Lenght: Chaptered
Rating: PG-13...
Warnings: Succubus!JunChunMin; probably some grammar
Genre: AU, fantasy, humour, crack, fluff
Summary: Living with a demon for ten years will have its side-effects. Jaejoong knows something about it.
Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. Plot is basing on the succubi legends but I trasformed them for the purpose of writing this fic.
A/N: This is dedicated to wrtchdexistence (I'm sorry it took me so long to write this small thingie). It's also for my wonderful and patient BF anaka237 (You wanted this one scene so badly, so here you go :D). Have fun!
Previous chapters: Prologue, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11


A light peck to his lips had his eyes flutter open.

Detective Kim Jaejoong really enjoyed the way his lover woke him up almost every day. Why ‘almost’ and not ‘always’? Well, the answer was quite simple: sometimes Jaejoong woke up to the feeling of soft, wet tongue running along his privates, because apparently his boyfriend was up for a late night snack.

Ten years ago, when Jaejoong started dating Junsu, he also came to understand why people considered 3 a.m. a ‘devil’s hour’. Every now and then, at this very hour, the succubi prince opened his eyes and straddled Jaejoong’s lap, the shimmering of liquid gold in his irises indicating that he needed energy. And every time it happened, the human couldn’t refuse him, especially when a slightly haggard voice pleaded with him, trembling hands wandering across his bared torso.

Right now Jaejoong kind of wanted for Junsu to be hungry. However, he knew that if it was a peck he had approximately thirty minutes before an angry Yunho appeared before the door to their apartment, nagging at him for being late.

Crinkling eyes searched his face. A small grin made Junsu look like a teenager, not that it was necessary. Short, black hair on the both sides of demon’s head screamed to be touched, so Jaejoong brought his hand up and placed it right behind Junsu’s ear. He massaged the place, while the succubus leaned into his touch. The longer strands of raven fringe fell onto Junsu’s forehead. He slowly took Jaejoong’s hand and kissed the tips of his fingers.

“I love you too, but Yunho-hyung is going to kill you if you don’t hurry up, you know. And I don’t want my man dead”, the sound of a quiet chuckle left Jaejoong smiling involuntarily. He slid from under the covers, grabbing Junsu’s wrist and pulling him into an embrace.

The demon reciprocated the hug, but after a moment he gently pushed the human away. Before Jaejoong noticed it, Junsu was already by the door to their bedroom.

“I also have to go to work, you know? So stop tempting and wait for the dinner”, succubus’s smile was absolutely disarming. Jaejoong laughed out loud.

He went to the kitchen, while Junsu was already in the small hallway, putting his coat on.

“You’re going so earily?”, Jaejoong asked while he rummaged through the fridge, searching for the leftovers.

“Yeah. I have a seminar today. See you later!”, answered Junsu, leaving the apartment in a pretty cheerful mood.

Jaejoong grabbed a piece of jerky and started to chew it slowly. Seeing his lover this happy about something so trivial as work made his stomach do somersaults. He briefly thought that if he didn’t do what he did ten years ago Junsu would most probably end up locked away in the Emptiness (as the demons called their homeland) and went mad from the hunger.

They were lucky. The combined powers of three high-ranked demons plus not-so-legal actions of two policemen were enough to erase the case from the police record and the victims’ minds.

After that they all came back to their lives, a weird bond forming between them. Jaejoong and Junsu became a couple, which of course was pretty obvious at that point. Junsu finished collage, but decided to stay at the uni to teach. Being the best student from his year made it even easier – the dean welcomed Junsu with open arms.

Three years after Junsu’s graduation Jaejoong and Yunho left the police. They became private detectives. To speak the truth it was all Yunho’s idea, because for once he decided to follow his dream, taking his best friend with him. When they appeared at the bar, in which Micky was working as a bartender to announce him the ‘good news’, the demon only shrugged his shoulders, telling them to stop with the alcohol. It somehow worked out, but Max still went nuts every time he tried to figure out how come they have succeeded.

As for the youngest succubus, he finally became a surgeon and nobody seemed to be shocked by this turn of events. When he asked them why they weren’t thrilled by his beautiful diploma, Junsu only smirked at him.

“I have expected nothing less from you, my dearest Advisor. And if you want an award I could always give you something nice…”

That day Jaejoong noticed something: he was capable of hearing Junsu’s thoughts, while another indistinct voice was giggling and saying something at the back of his head. He didn’t tell anybody about this, deeming it as a very useful source of information. Besides, it wasn’t like he could hear Junsu all the time – it only happened when he wanted to know what was hiding behind a mysterious smile or a daring smirk. As the time went by the occasional presence of other voices became more vivid. During one of those weird states he recognized them. To his surprise they turned out to be Max and Micky. Somehow, Jaejoong knew that he became a friggin’ telepath. He didn’t freak out: he concluded that sooner or later being in a relationship with the Succubi Prince was going to have some supernatural effects on him. However, the most uncanny thing about this whole situation was the fact that neither Junsu, nor Max or Micky were aware of his new abilities. That meant one thing: he could eavesdrop on them. And he wouldn’t be himself if he didn’t take advantage of it.

It was especially amusing when Junsu was acting like a very experienced and cruel tease (Max was seriously freaked out each and every time this happened). Jaejoong always felt his hormones buzzing like he was sixteen once again. He loved the excitement it caused almost as much as he loved ‘feeding’ his demon. And the said demon knew all too well what repercussions will have leaving Jaejoong excited for too long.

However, sooner or later, Jaejoong’s secret would have leaked out. But thank God, he was as sly as a real demon, so when the time came, he handled it pretty nicely.


When Junsu was still leaving with Max, Jaejoong used to hang out at their apartment.

One day, when he woke up a little earlier, he noticed Junsu’s absence – the demon was usually sprawled all over him when the alarm went off. He crawled out of the bed. Stretching his sore limbs, he left the room, not minding the state of half-nakedness he was in.

He waltzed to the kitchen, halting in his steps, when he noticed two familiar long legs dangling from the counter.

“My legs are longer, y’know?”, Max seemed to be amused by the way Jaejoong drooled seeing Junsu’s thighs and boxer-clad ass. The white, unbuttoned dress shirt the demon was wearing didn’t seem to help Jaejoong calm himself down.

“I think you need a nice, nutritious breakfast, Junsu-yah”, Jaejoong purred, approaching the other and bringing his body flush against his own bared chest.

“Mhm, you’re probably right. Wanna spoon-feed me in bed or do you prefer serving it here, on the counter?” Junsu chuckled as he leaned in to kiss Jaejoong ever so gently, while his fingers wandered to brunet’s dusty nipple.

“Hey, I’m still here. And it’s still also my kitchen, so-“, Max was interrupted by Jaejoong’s low growl. He sighed.

“You both are seriously disgusting with your PDA, urgh. And those cheesy pick-up lines… Are you even aware how stupid they sound?”

Jaejoong could see Junsu glaring at the other succubus. He also heard his voice, but the blond didn’t open his mouth.

‘Shut up and get out.’

‘You’re awfully bossy, My Lord’, Max snickered, but he was silenced by Junsu’s next words.

‘I don’t want you to see Jaejoong’s face when he reaches his limit. So if you don’t want young intern Kyuhyun to be impotent, you will obey me. Are we clear?’

‘How do you kno-?’, the tall demon sounded genuinely shocked to say at least. A vicious chuckle resounded in Jaejoong’s mind. He felt Max’s presence shrinking.

‘I am your Master, I should know this much about my Advisor’s life. Now, leave us.’

Max stood up and mumbled a curse under his breath, leaving Jaejoong and Junsu alone.

For some reason the detective decided that it would be fun to reveal his secret. Just to see his partner’s reaction. If Junsu could have a demonic side, Jaejoong could have the sadistic one.

“Now, now – why are you so mean to Max? Plus… Making Kyuhuyn impotent? And here I thought you guys wouldn’t hurt a potential feeder.”

Jaejoong tried to stifle his laughter, seeing how big Junsu’s eyes had become. Pure shock with flashes of anger and fear made the blond look absolutely gorgeous. Jaejoong leaned in, capturing plush lips between his teeth. He pushed the lean body onto the counter, grabbing long legs and spreading them so that his clothed erection was rubbing into the material of Junsu’s boxers. The demon was too shocked to even move. The brunet brought him closer, forcefully pushing his tongue into the wet cavern. Jaejoong swallowed pleasure-filled scream, feeling the spasms his energy caused by running wild and straight into the demon’s body.

Jaejoong pulled out from the kiss. He licked his lips, as he glanced at the disheveled appearance of his lover.
Golden-brown orbs were somehow watery as they gazed at him. Junsu spoke to him and this time it was a connection of minds meant only for Jaejoong.

‘More, please.’

Brunet’s eyes softened. He held onto the succubus – the demon hoisted himself on Jaejoong’s wide shoulders, legs encircling the slim waist. The detective brought his hand up and petted platinum locks.

“The line about reaching the limit was hot. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have teased you.”

Junsu nodded in acknowledgement, hiding his face in the crook of Jaejoong’s neck.

“Spoon-feed me”, the demon sounded breathy as he tightly wrapped himself around the human.

Jaejoong laughed.

“As you wish, My Prince. As you wish.”


The detective smiled at the memory. He marveled at how compatible he was with Junsu, their minds and bodies perfectly in synch, be it in bed or at the party. Of course it wasn’t always easy between them and there were some ups and downs, but it was the way it had to be.

“Ehh, being in a relationship…”, Jaejoong mused to himself. He was quickly brought back from his reminscencing journey by a light hit to his head. He cursed and looked up, locking his defiant glare with Yunho’s.

“…It sure as hell can make you dumb. I could kill you at the spot, you know? God, you’re still so useless… Move your ass – we need to open the office…”, the other detective barked at Jaejoong.

The brunet smirked.

“Ohhh, do I hear frustration? Is Micky giving you blue balls again? What was it? You didn’t want to double-penetrate him with dildos when he asked you?”, Jaejoong teasingly purred at his colleague.

He earned another slap across the head.

Well, some things aren’t going to change, are they?

A/N2: IDK, I hope this isn't too tacky xD And like always - comments, please? ;)
Tags: !language: english, *fandom: dbsk, fic: operation chaos, genre: au, genre: comedy/crack, genre: fluff, lenght: chaptered, media: fic, pairing: jaejoong/junsu, pairing: yunho/yoochun, rating: pg13

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