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FIC: [DBSK] Operation Chaos (11/11)

Title: Operation Chaos - chapter 11 (final)
Pairings: Jaejoong/Junsu, side Yunho/Yoochun, various others
Lenght: Chaptered
Rating: NC-17 like woohoo
Warnings: Succubus!JunChunMin; lots of smex, including: dub-con (dubious consent – at one point in the story), somnophilia moments, rough sex, toys, bondage; probably some grammar
Genre: AU, fantasy, humour, crack, smut
Summary: A story of what happens when a succubus with some issues meets a human with some issues.
Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. Plot is basing on the succubi legends but I trasformed them for the purpose of writing this fic.
A/N: This is the final chapter of "Operation Chaos", so... BEHOLD THE JAESU SMUT. But there is also some Plot with a bucket of left-over explanations about the supernatural nature of some people and events. And if dub-con, BDSM and weird paraphilias aren’t your thing I suggest reading only two last parts (it’s the text after the next to last appearance of these little things: ***) of this chapter.
Previous chapters: Prologue, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10


Yunho was scared shitless, his whole body paralyzed by some invisible force, while Junsu, who wasn’t acting like Junsu at all, delicately nipped at his ear.

“Aww, c’mon hyung. Don’t act like you don’t like it. You wanted to pound me to that wall just as much as that other fucker did, so stop pretending to be a gentleman. I need a cock right now and your dick really wants to stick into something. I’m quite sure you’ll like my ass better that Yoochun’s”, the boy smiled demonically, fingertips running down the strained neck. “Or maybe I should I call him Micky? Because it’s his real name, y’know?” Junsu chuckled, making the policeman shiver.

Yunho’s eyes were wide with fear as he gazed into the almond-shaped orbs, now glittering with pure gold.

“Just what in the world are you?”, he knew he sounded scared and the fact that it made his captor amused didn’t help him to calm down. How did he end up like this? One minute he was watching TV, then in the next he saw his own floor from pigeon’s point of view. He was tossed around the flat by some sort of energy and to make matters worse it was his boyfriend’s baby cousin who was responsible for all this strange shit, acting like a possessed person in every horror movie that dealt with devils.

Junsu laughed, but it wasn’t his usual cheerful, warm laugh – it was dark, malevolent chuckle of someone who was out to do something very bad. The boy leaned in, the pressure on Yunho’s body growing heavier, while their foreheads touched.

“I’m the one who sucked those losers from their energy. I’m the one you and Jaejoong were looking for. That dickhead, I mean your partner, almost got me, but too bad for him – I’m a fucking demon. Your obliviousness to the facts Jaejoong had noticed was kinda cute. Be grateful: I could make both of you suffer, but I decided that firstly I need to have some fun. There must be something in your energy that keeps this idiot Micky faithful to you, don’t you think? You should feel proud – you made a succubus addicted”, Junsu’s voice got lower, as did his wandering hand. Yunho gasped in pain, when his crotch was brutally squeezed. He trembled when a slick tongue invaded his mouth for a short moment.

“Don’t worry! Before you die I’m going to make you pump every last drop into me, hyung…”, Junsu purred right into his mouth, instantly making him hard.

Dying from sex? It probably wasn’t all that bad, but if he had a choice he would really prefer Yoochun to fuck him to death. He craved his boyfriend’s heat, gentleness. Even the quirkiness the long-haired male displayed was something Yunho came to accept. Why the last thing in his life has to be a painful intercourse with someone he didn’t even love?

The thoughts occupied his mind, making him unable to register that the weight was thrown off of him. He opened his eyes hearing Junsu’s furious snarl.

What he saw freaked him out – Junsu was violently trashing in the air, bound by the translucent lianas. He vehemently swore and cursed, threatening to kill everyone who was opposing him. Only then Yunho realized that there were other people in the room. He recognized Jaejoong and Yoochun, while the tallest of them was probably Changmin.

“You dare to threaten my man, you fucking trash? I’m going to make you regret manifesting your dirty self in our Prince. You aren’t a true succubus if you hurt your feeder without feeling guilty, you scum.”

Yunho never heard Yoochun so furious or angry. A scream of pain escaped Junsu’s lips when the lianas mercilessly tightened around him with Yoochun’s right hand slowly balling into fist.

Soon enough the scream morphed into a maniacal laugh. Yunho was still frozen in place, afraid of making any noise. Junsu spoke in a raspy voice.

“You whore, don’t pretend to care about him. You’re just like the rest of us – as long as you’re satiated you want to keep your toy around. Now release me, unless you wish to die a painful death. It’s an order from your Prince, you shitty pests.”

“You aren’t our Prince. I don’t remember him being a dumb, aggressive fuck”, Changmin sounded cold and indifferent, but anybody could tell that he was even more pissed off than Yoochun.

“You’ve got some guts to talk like that. You even brought this motherfucker along. You all have a death wish or what? Well, I’ll let it slide this time because he was the one who made me win over this fluffy half you guys love so much”, the bounded demon looked victorious, his gold eyes piercing through Jaejoong. “I’ll let you have a go, Jae-hyung, since you have wanted to try this loose hole for so long. But Yunho-hyung was first today. If you guys want you can always double-penetrate me. I’m pretty experienced. I used to make this body a cum dumpster. There were days when I almost felt the sperm in my stomach, y’know? I bet you are ima- brfgfghfd!”, a thick liana gagged the foul-mouthed demon, sliding around his neck.

Yunho observed how Jaejoong stood there, his emotions taking a better of him. He came back from his daze when Changmin’s hand landed on his arm.

“Don’t let him get to you”, the tall demon said in a calm, soft voice. He turned around to Yoochun and commanded him with a cold tone.

“Use the strongest binding and put him on the floor. But first put your boyfriend to sleep. He went through a lot of nasty things, he needs to rest.”

Yoochun nodded and closed his eyes. He started mumbling an incantation under his nose, but Yunho couldn’t quite get what language it was. His body became heavier with every word. Yoochun’s warm presence coiled around him, soft and safe like a cocoon. He fell asleep, forgetting about his all concerns and the small fact that there were three angry demons in his apartment, ready to fight each other at any given time.


Jaejoong observed how his best friend was lulled into a slumber by a sleeping spell. He became a little calmer knowing that Micky and Max were clearly concerned about their, humans, well-being. He gazed at Junsu – the demon prince growled in a helpless rage, trashing and wiggling in his manacles. He looked like a chained, rapid animal and it made Jaejoong’s stomach burn with sick anticipation. He knew perfectly well that he was as much a beast as the furious succubus, but he couldn’t bring himself to give a fuck about that in their current predicament. If he wanted to tame Xiah and make Junsu come back to him, he had to be a cold-blooded douche bag.

He saw how Micky tightened the ropes around the floating demon, bringing him lower. Max was like a lightning – in a few seconds he managed to put three paper charms on Xiah’s bared nape, forcing him to a spell-induced sleep. Micky’s lianas put the pliant body on the wooden floor, retreating the moment the succubus’s limbs have touched the ground.

Without a sign of hesitation Jaejoong approached the body and took the unconscious demon into his arms, all the time minding the charms.

“Take him to the bedroom. There is some… ekhem… equipment under the bed. The lube is under the pillow. When you are done with the belts and the gag you can take off the charms. As long as you don’t kiss him and won’t let him touch you with his fingertips you’re safe. In the meantime we will try to prepare spells for a ritual…”, Micky sounded distressed explaining everything to Jaejoong, his eyes stealing glances at his boyfriend’s unmoving figure.

“What ritual?”

“We aren’t sure if my theory about the energies in Xiah is true. The only way to find out is to try and mingle them with a ritual. We need to do this before his Mother finds out about all this or neither one of us is going to see him for the rest of our lives. Your role is to feed him – it’s the only way to calm him down. Got it?”, Max seemed to be in a hurry, searching something in his pockets, so the young detective didn’t question him any further.

Jaejoong left the room, his thumbs running small circles over the material of Junsu’s clothes.


Jaejoong had some problems with opening the door to the bedroom, but after putting Xiah’s body over his shoulder he managed to win with the doorknob. Yunho and Micky’s ‘love nest’ turned out to be more like a love hotel room, sparsely furnished with modern-style white wardrobe, a cabinet, a bureau and two nightstands in the same color. Only the king-size bed stood out, red satin of the sheets telling pretty much everything about their owners’ tastes.

The brunet laid the boy down, quickly diving under the bed. He found the ‘equipment’ in a large white box: leather belts, a gag, a couple of normal dildos, an enormous violet dildo-shaped vibrator and an unpacked cat-o-nine-tails. He was pretty sure those were the toys Micky purchased hoping for Yunho to use them on him in some nasty, kinky way. But given how they looked, Jaejoong concluded that they were still waiting for the quirky pair to actually use them. He sighed and took the belts, the gag and the vibrator. His fingers slid across the textured surface as his eyes wandered to the unconscious boy on the bed. He stood up, put the toys in a place he could reach easily and proceeded with undressing the demon.

At last he was able to see the body he wanted for God knows how long. However, he couldn’t bring himself to enjoy the touch of the soft, slightly tanned skin. He started to feel jealousy and anger overtaking every part of his mind. He knew that the demonic version of his sweet prey was just taunting him earlier, but his pride was hurting way too much. It wasn’t the fact that Junsu was a freaking demon or that he slept around that made Jaejoong upset – it wasn’t like he was much better in this department. But he could not cope with the fact that he got fooled by the guy he was chasing. Moreover, the demon managed to enamor Jaejoong, dulling his senses and instincts and that was unforgivable.

While pondering over the things upsetting him, Jaejoong managed to strip Junsu, leaving him completely naked on the ruby sheets. For a moment policeman thought that the color didn’t suit boy’s delicate features at all, even though he now knew the lad’s true nature.

He laid the demon on his stomach and almost whistled at how nice his derriere looked. He squeezed the flesh ever so lightly, his bad mood vanishing the instant he heard a small keening sound.

So even when the spell worked Junsu could feel what was happening to him?

“Now, that’s interesting…”, Jaejoong murmured to himself as he started massaging the round bottom, slowly making his way to the opening. When his hands finally reached their destination, he pushed his index fingers into the small hole, what earned him a quiet groan. He cursed – it was definitely a body that was used to this kind of stuff – his two digits were swallowed by the soft, stretched insides. He felt how his shaft hardened at the sight of working muscles. He pulled out and quickly undressed himself, freeing his hardening manhood.

Jaejoong grabbed the belts and put them around the demon, concluding that the ball tie will be better than the frogtie. He bent the legs double, making the heels of Junsu’s feet press against his bottom. Then he brought nicely sculpted thighs, pressing them against boy’s heaving chest. He bound Junsu’s arms behind his back in a reverse prayer position to make sure that even the fingertips couldn’t reach him.

By the time Jaejoong was done, his member was already fully erected. He moved to the succubus’s head, intending to put the gag inside his mouth, but when his finger slid inside the moist cavern, Jaejoong suddenly thought about something entirely else pushing past the pinkish lips. He decided that it was worth a try, because when the demon will regain his consciousness, he surely won’t be able to do it without worrying about his cock being bitten off by the ferocious creature. He changed their positions, pushing Junsu onto his side and turning his face up, while he moved behind his head. Jaejoong grabbed boy’s jaw, opening his mouth and bracing thumbs against the set of teeth. He pushed inside gently, moaning at the hotness. At first his moves were languid and unhurried. Jaejoong savored every second, warm breath teasing the skin on his manhood. He guided his tip deeper, hitting the velvet surface at the back. The gag reflex made the tunnel close around him tightly. He let out a growl, accelerating his pace. After few moments Jaejoong could feel the muscles of Junsu’s throat giving in to his merciless attack. He should feel bad for forcing something like this, but really – it was like a dream come true, even when his partner wasn’t especially responsive. Junsu still gagged with deeper thrusts, but Jaejoong noticed that it ceased with time. The heat was becoming unbearable with every passing second. He pushed harder, faster, more desperately, reaching his climax and filling demon’s throat. He quickly pulled out. The unconscious succubus coughed, spilling some of his cum on the bed sheets. Jaejoong held him up for a moment and wiped the remnants from reddened lips. He reached for the ball gag and finally placed it inside the other’s mouth. The plump cheeks were flushed and the body was tingling with something unnamed – Jaejoong deduced that it must have been the energy from his climax.

Jaejoong laid Junsu on his bounded knees, making sure he was able to breathe and leaving his nose uncovered. Just looking at the body bound with black, leather belts was doing wonders to his mind, but something was not right about this whole situation. It wasn’t like his imaginary first time with Junsu. He wanted to embrace, to feel arms around his neck and hands roaming around his body as he made love to the boy.

Shit, shit, shit…

Somehow angry at himself, Jaejoong took the charms off of Junsu’s neck. Simultaneously with the removal of the last one almond-shaped eyes snapped open, revealing gold irises. Demon’s orbs were full of hate, fury and need – a mix Jaejoong had never seen in his entire life. He mentally thanked Micky and Max for the spells, because he was sure that Xiah would kill him if he had an opportunity.

On the other hand, he could feel his own lust tingling under his skin with every desperate move the other made. There was something akin to a sadistic pleasure in watching the rude succubi prince desperately trying to free himself from the bindings but failing at every attempt.

Jaejoong observed for a moment – the golden orbs still watched him with the same emotions clouding them. He took a step, grabbed violet vibrator and kneeled behind Xiah’s bounded form. He leaned over the demon’s arched back, searching for the lubricant under the pillow. He found the tube, stealing glances at the furious boy under him. Jaejoong knew that right now Xiah hated him with his whole being, but refrained from fighting because he was in fact waiting for the feeding. The thought that he was considered merely a source of ‘food’ made Jaejoong upset. He decided that wearing Xiah’s body with something, that wasn’t going to give him the energy he craved so much, was the best punishment for the succubus.

He straightened himself and withdrew a little. He touched demon’s buttocks, feeling the shiver it caused. It made his own member twitch in anticipation. Truthfully, Jaejoong had expected to see a gaping hole when he spread the round globes apart. To his surprise, the place didn’t seem to be stretched as much as he thought it would be. He opened the bottle with his thumb, pouring one third of its content on the succubus’s butt. He put the tube away and began smearing the scented liquid over the smooth flesh.

His fingers reached their destination, pushing lube’s remnants into the heated opening. Xiah wasn’t a screamer but he surely made some lovely noises. When Jaejoong was done with prepping, he grabbed the violet vibrator and pushed the tip inside the demon. He felt wild satisfaction seeing how Xiah’s glared at him with disapproval.

“What? Did you think I would feed you? Just like that? I must disappoint you, Your Highness – you will need to wait”, Jaejoong said in a low, mocking voice, pushing the whole toy in. Demon-boy’s eyes went wide. His loud cry was muffled by the gag.

Jaejoong would have lied if he didn’t admit that the picture was making him hornier with every second, but his desire to tease the impertinent prince was also growing.

He pulled half of the vibrator out, for a moment observing how the the muscles worked around the tip, then he pushed it back a little deeper. He started to thrust the toy in and out, relishing in quiet grunts. Jaejoong needed to adjust his hand but when he changed vibrator’s position Xiah moaned, slight trembling of his body suggesting that the man had found his sweet spot. The brunet repeated the action to confirm his theory, getting the same effect.

He smirked.

“I wonder if you could cum just from having your ass fucked? I suppose you’ve had enough training with all those guys…”, he towered over the demon, playing with his backside and chuckling at every death glare he received.

Jaejoong’s arm stopped moving. He heard a whine of disappointment, but it was soon followed by a quiet sob. Xiah started to rut against the toy in the other man’s hand, desperate for his release. Jaejoong observed the scene with a straight face. After a few minutes of Xiah fucking himself on a violet vibrator, he let go of the base, allowing it to hang from the loosened hole. A cry of despair pierced the air. The raven-haired man decided it was about time to use the toy’s main feature: he grabbed it one more time, twisted the button on its cylindrical head, choosing the strongest vibrations and directed the hit straight to the demon’s prostate. Xiah lurched forward as he came, strings of white covering his belly, chest, some of it landing on the bed. His bound body landed on the side but Jaejoong wasn’t finished, not just yet. He held onto the vibrator and leaned over, so that his lips were touching Xiah’s ear.

“Now I’m going to pump you dry, until every drop of your come is on these sheets. And when your empty I will start filling you up to the brim. You will be so full, you won’t be able to move”, Jaejoong half-groaned, half-moaned as he began to pound the toy into the demon’s rear. Xiah whimpered, another wave of orgasmic tremors washing through him as he let out his release, dirtying the quilt and covering more of his skin with the milky substance.


After an hour of Jaejoong’s ‘punishment’ the demon-boy was absolutely exhausted and visibly half-conscious. The policeman wondered just how strong his self-control must his instincts were screaming at him to put it in already. His own manhood was strained and stiff, so he concluded that it was enough. Jaejoong tossed the toy to the floor and moved Xiah so that he was once again laying on his tied knees, with the side of his face buried in the pillow. The raven-head positioned himself behind the bounded boy, grabbing two red-tinted buttcheeks and spreading them. He lined the bulbous tip with succubus’s overused entrance, then pushed inside.

Jaejoong moaned – the softness and the heat were incredible. It was almost like Xiah’s walls melted around him, gently sucking him deeper and deeper. His hands moved to boy’s sides, fingers putting a little pressure over the warm, sweaty skin. After a moment Jaejoong started to push his hips forward at a slow pace. He let out a string of low groans when he felt Xiah’s insides clenching and clamping on him. He thrust into the welcoming tunnel at a moderate speed, but somehow he couldn’t reach demon’s prostate. He pulled out and stood up only to bury his member in Xiah one more time, finding what he was looking for in a matter of seconds. The succubus mewled pitifully, body shivering with every jab to the delicate spot. Jaejoong sped up, bracing his palms against demon’s tensing back. Wild pulsing of Xiah’s inner walls was bringing him closer to his climax. His nails dug into tanned skin, eliciting a cry of pain mixed with pleasure from his partner. The man leaned in, kissing and nipping at Xiah’s shoulder blades.

“Junsu, fuck…!”, Jaejoong growled into the hot skin, stilling for a mere second and coming inside the other. When he realized that he is too close to demon’s fingertips he backed off, noticing that Xiah lost consciousness, his body twitching from time to time.

Jaejoong pulled out and sat on his heels, calming down after his quickened heartbeat. He untied bounded legs, but left Xiah’s arms in their current position. The brunet turned the boy to lay on his back. He spread succubus’s legs and began to stroke himself back to hardness. His second hand petted well-muscled thighs and wandered to demon’s lax member. He teased the sensitive skin, rolling the balls in his hand. His digits went lower, pushing into the stretched, squelching hole. He curled and hooked them inside, squishing some of his semen out. Jaejoong played with the tip of his cock, pulling the skin off and massaging the place under its swollen head. When he felt small droplets of pre-cum, he decided it was time for the second round.

Jaejoong took his fingers out and with both hands he grabbed boy’s ankles, pushing his legs up and further apart. He plunged into demon’s pliant body without a problem, setting his tempo to a killer one. Xiah’s eyes snapped open, golden orbs landing on the place they were connected.

“Well, look who’s up… If you’re not going to work your ass the sperm is going to leak out”, Jaejoong smirked, seeing how his words enraged the succubus, who still seemed to be weakened after their earlier session. Nevertheless, he didn’t break the eye contact even when Jaejoong hit his prostate spot on. He groaned around the gag, raising his hips higher. The raven-head chuckled. He held demon’s legs higher, changing the angle of his thrusts. He could feel Xiah squeezing his muscles around him, while the sound of slapping against the wet skin filled his ears.

Jaejoong glanced at the boy under him: demonic orbs were piercing him, demanding more. He complied, his eyes glowing with satisfaction when they met Xiah’s shocked stare. Golden irises became misty, glassy glimmer making them absolutely beautiful. Jaejoong kept his pace, bending succubus a little more. The walls closed around him, the tightness forcing a gasp of surprise out of his throat. His orgasm coiled through him as he pumped his release into the demon’s body, coating heated channel with a warm liquid.

He came back from his high just to see the last tremors waving through half-conscious demon. He put his palm on the toned stomach. The tingling feeling under his pads was now rather strong.

Jaejoong reached for the ball gag. He removed the thing and stretched his back over the shaking body. Their groins touched: Xiah let out a small whimper, while Jaejoong moaned quietly into his collarbone.

Jaejoong took their spent erections into one hand, squeezing them together in a strong hold and supporting his weight on the other. He began to stroke them unhurriedly, fluent movements slowly bringing them back to life. The hotness made the friction somehow painful, so he stopped for a moment to grab the bottle of lube nestled in between the pillows. The brunet poured some of it on the two cocks as he rubbed himself against demon’s hard member and abdomen, his heavy breathing resounding in the empty room.

Half-lidded, golden orbs were locked on him, no trace of hatred or anger left in them. Xiah spoke in a haggard voice, silent plea visible in his watery eyes.

“Jae…”, and with this one word the raven-haired man knew that Junsu was still there, waiting.

Jaejoong retreated for a second. Spreading Xiah’s weak legs, he swiftly slid into succubus’s semen-filled body. Dry lips formed a perfect ‘o’ when Jaejoong started thrusting in. Succubus’s insides felt like a soft and pliant cushion. He pulled out almost all of his length only to ram it in as deep as he could in the next second. Xiah cried out in pleasure, golden color of his eyes becoming more vivid. Jaejoong kept the pace steady, mesmerized by how unearthly his partner looked in that moment. He pushed harder, loving the way the demon’s body took him in. A wild thought appeared out of nowhere, clouding his mind like a plague. He rested the weight of his upper body on his elbows, his face now millimeters away from Xiah’s. He placed his lips on the exposed neck, feeling the pulse under his tongue and teeth. His moves transformed into erratic jabs. A moan ripped through demon’s throat as Jaejoong came for the third time, shivers running down his whole body. The succubus was also close – Xiah’s hot length was poking his belly, begging for attention. With a couple moves of his skillful fingers he managed to sent the demon over the edge, a translucent liquid covering their stomachs. Jaejoong lifted his head, so that their noses were touching. He gazed into golden orbs, noticing brown clearances in the irises.

“Hey, I don’t care if you’re a hellspawn or an angel. Just come back to me, okay?” Jaejoong’s mouth gently descended on Xiah’s slightly dry lips, tongue slipping past them to taste the sweetness. He glanced at the demon, surprised to see two streams of tears falling down Xiah’s flushed cheeks.

That was the last thing he registered before his mind sunk into the darkness.


Jaejoong woke up to a clean bedding and an uneasy feeling of being watched by someone. He turned his head to the side, his eyes getting bigger when they finally landed on the figure, who was sitting cross-legged on a white cabinet. Platinum blond fringe was long enough to almost cover one of the two golden brown orbs that were observing him from the distance. The boy – no – the man smiled and Jaejoong immediately recognized him.

“Good morning!”, he chirped, turning Jaejoong’s insides into a mush.

Mesmerizing eyes crinkled with happiness as the blond jumped from his place, moving closer to the bed.

Not minding the fact that he didn’t have a stitch of clothes on, Jaejoong stood up. He was still too flabbergasted to speak, watching the lean figure of his companion approach him without a hint of hesitation. Warm hand was splayed over his rapidly beating heart and crescent-shaped orbs bore into him, making him unable to move.

“I may look different, but it’s still me. You brought me back. Do you get it? I came back to you. Because of you. I don’t know how I should express my gratitude”, spoke the raspy voice.

Jaejoong felt hands on his cheeks and when he locked his eyes with amber-colored ones, he knew he fell hard for the person, who was standing before him right now.

Jaejoong couldn’t resist the temptation – he grabbed succubus’s shoulders and kissed him, tongue pushing past plush lips. A sudden surge of energy run through him. The demon moaned into his mouth. When they stopped, he could tell that the loss of his energy was insignificant and didn’t take a toll on his body.

He gazed at the demon: he was trying to steady his breathing, scarlet blush marring his cheeks.

“What’s wrong?”, Jaejoong sounded genuinely concerned, his fingers brushing off the long fringe from succubus’s forehead.

“It was a little too much…”, the demon whispered. He looked up and smiled weakly.

“We will need to teach you how to control the stream…“, he continued, looking Jaejoong straight in the eye.

“But still!... Thank you for the meal!”, the blond grinned mischievously, flicking raven-head’s nose with his index finger.

Jaejoong returned the smile. He observed the other for a moment and suddenly asked.

“So how should I call you?”

The succubus put his arms around Jaejoong’s neck, hugging him tightly.

“For you I’m Junsu. Just Junsu.”


“It turns out that Jaejoong-hyung was some sort of a human energy-power plant. Or to be more precise – his libido was. Probably still is, judging from what you both have told me about you morning kiss”, Max was sipping his lukewarm coffee while standing behind the kitchen’s counter in Micky and Yunho’s shared apartment, drawing some strange pictures in his notebook.

“I always knew there was something wrong with you…”, Yunho mumbled under his nose from his place on the sofa, snuggling into Micky’s lap. The long-haired demon carded his fingers through soft locks, gently petting his lover.

Jaejoong ignored the pair, relaxing into Junsu’s embrace. The succubi prince stood behind his stool, arms wrapped around raven-head’s neck, his chin resting on the top of his head.

“How come none of you couldn’t sense it? And what does it have to do with Junsu’s transformation?”, Jaejoong inquired, gazing at his lover.

“Well, people like you are a special case. You guys are really, really hard to find, because the core of your energy is hidden… somewhere. I still need to do some research on that one. It’s a dormant energy, with different source than libido. But it’s more my theory than proven facts. As for Xiah’s transformation… Remember when we said that his parents’ energies didn’t mix with each other?”, Max waited for Jaejoong to nod, then continued.

“The amount of power you provided was probably equal to the amount of energy required to merge them during Xiah’s ‘birth’. To explain it more figuratively: your power worked as a ‘blacksmith’, forging those two energies together.”

Max glanced at Xiah, smirking.

“Most probably no one expected your parents to bring forth a full-fledged Master Succubus during the first mixing they’ve done together. That amount of power just asked to be a problem. Perhaps that was the reason for your apparent retardation? Ouch, fuck this!” The tallest demon cursed loudly when his coffee landed on his face.

Micky chuckled lightly.

“Don’t provoke a child. Especially the one with new toys.”

Xiah nodded in agreement, grinning happily. He came back to cuddling with Jaejoong, but after a moment something akin to a realization flashed through his eyes.

“Wait… Does that mean that I’ve become a ‘complete’ individual only a couple of hours ago? That my personality wasn’t ‘finished’?”

Max dried his face and sighed like he was about to explain something very simple to a very stupid student.

“If you want to put it that way, then yes, you were ‘unfinished’ before Jaejoong-hyung stuck it up your ass. On the other hand, those two fighting personalities were ‘complete’ products. During the merging the stronger one took over, but the second one was as much ‘you’ as you’re ‘you’ right now”, Max moved from his place and patted Xiah’s blond strands, his lips quirking in a small smile.

The succubi prince let go of Jaejoong to hug his friend. Max’s body stiffened for a second, but then he reciprocated the caress in an weird, awkward manner.

Suddenly Xiah chuckled, turning around to face Jaejoong. His smile was feral and absolutely sexy, however it made the sitting man uncomfortable in more ways than one.

“Jaejoongie, what would you say to a threesome with two hot bottoms? I will make it good for both of you.”

Jaejoong gaped at his still-not-official boyfriend. Max seemed to froze in fear, dark eyes darting from his prince to the stunned human. Yunho and Micky stopped snuggling, observing the exchange in silence. Micky’s orbs shone with a hint of amusement, a knowing look on his face going unnoticed by the rest.

The blond burst out laughing, the characteristic sound echoing through the apartment.

“You guys are adorable!”, he concluded cheerfully as he released his hold on Max.

“I’m going to the bathroom”, said Xiah, sparing them one last glance. However when he reached the door, he tilted his head to the side, smirking devilishly.

“Try not to gossip too much, because I’m also a mind reader and that is not a joke. If I don’t like what you’re all thinking about me I might force you into a spell induced orgy, y’know?”, before leaving, he locked his eyes with Micky’s, who was apparently highly entertained by the scared Max and two dumbfounded humans.

When Xiah’s presence disappeared, Max dragged himself to the chair, while Jaejoong’s brain came back from his short trip.

The black-haired male spoke in a hushed tone.

“So about this… you know… stronger personality-thing…”

Max straightened his back, letting the tension leave his body. He looked at Jaejoong, shrugging his shoulders.
“I seriously don’t have idea which one was more powerful. I suppose we will find out sooner or later, but I sure hope it was the angelic one.”

Jaejoong stood up and went to the door.

“Where are you going?”, the demon asked, eyeing the human suspiciously.

“I tamed a demon once. I can do one more time. Besides…“, the raven-head smirked at Max in the same way Xiah did just a few minutes earlier, “… he’s probably just hungry. Now, if you will excuse me, gentlemen, I have some feeding to do.”

Jaejoong left the trio sitting in the absolute silence.

All of a sudden Micky started laughing out loud, startling both Yunho and Max. When he calmed down a little he answered the unspoken question hanging in the air.

“It’s just that… How do I put this? For every Jack there’s a Jill. They’re made for each other. Don’t you guys agree?”

The End

Or is it?... Yeah, it is. But there is also an epilogue and you might want to read it ;)

A/N2: So... Maybe I'll start with this: I wanted to apologize from the bottom of my heart (I know it’s rotten and so on, but I hope it still counts) to all my lovely/sweet/find-another-suitable-adjective readers for making them wait almost two years for the full version of ‘Operation Chaos’. You guys don’t have any idea how miserable and guilty I feel, knowing that many of you have actually waited for it for quite a long time. I AM TRULLY SORRY, I hope you’ll forgive me.

All in all, this story was really fun to write, despite the fact that my studies and my own Muse wanted to destroy it all the way throughout the whole process of its creation.

I sincerely hope that you liked the outcome. Please leave some comments for the poor comment-beggar ;) *smooches you all still stinking like a beggar*

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