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FIC: [DBSK] Operation Chaos (10/11)

Title: Operation Chaos - chapter 10
Pairings: Jaejoong/Junsu, side Yunho/Yoochun, various others
Lenght: Chaptered
Rating: PG-13 in this chap
Warnings: Succubus!JunChunMin, lots of pure fail in the plot
Genre: AU, fantasy, humour, crack, smut
Summary: A story of what happens when a succubus with some issues meets a human with some issues.
Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. Plot is basing on the succubi legends but I trasformed them for the purpose of writing this fic.
A/N: It's the chapter in which the Plot has its own semi-climax, spurting explanations in your faces xD Also starring: some fluffy JaeSu moments, a demonstration of succubi abilities and of course a snarky Changmin. Have fun!
Previous chapters: Prologue, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9


The wing of the hospital in which Lee Hyukjae was staying under observation seemed to be less crowded than the main hall of the building, with few nurses and doctors occasionally checking on patients in different rooms. Jaejoong’s steps were quick but quiet. He noticed his partner talking to the young female doctor, a recorder in his hand blinking with small, red light. The brunette approached them with his badge waiting to be shown to the world. Only when Yunho turned around, motioning for Jaejoong to come closer, the woman noticed him and stopped talking. He moved with confidence, bowing in a greeting.

“Good evening, detective Kim Jaejoong at your service”, he unpretentiously flashed his badge before doctor’s eyes, straightening his back.

“Kan Miyoung, I’m Lee Hyukjae-sshi’s new doctor. Unfortunately, doctor Moon needed to go to a medical conference and I’m his substitute”, the woman spoke in a polite tone, glancing at Yunho from time to time.

“Of course, I understand the circumstances. Could you please tell me how is Lee Hyukjae-sshi feeling? I got information that he is already awake.”

“Yes, indeed. He woke up about three hours ago. He is in a good condition, moreover, he is somehow… unusually conscious, considering the fact that he woke up from something as severe as coma.”

Jaejoong’s orbs shone with unnamed emotion.

“Doctor Kan, do you think we could ask him some questions in his current state?”, his face did not give away all expectation or excitement he was feeling right now, bubbling up in his stomach, threatening to make him lose his composure.

The woman smiled.

“I think that you can try, but I can’t guarantee that he will cooperate. I asked him about few things, however he is stubbornly silent.”

“I do believe that my partner can handle this”, Yunho spoke, stopping the recorder and stuffing it into his pocket.

Jaejoong was aware that his friend wanted to close this case as much as he himself did. From the beginning it was a ‘troublesome’ issue and both policemen were somehow exhausted by now, not to mention the fact that their private lives were mingled into it too. Jaejoong knew how much Yunho hated such situations, so it was pretty obvious that at some point he will need to barge in with his investigation methods, leaving Yunho to deal with less stressful tasks.

The brunet looked at the other male, giving him a curt nod and right away heading to Lee Hyukjae’s room.
He gently pushed the door open, walking in with his trademark smile. Lee Hyukjae was absentmindedly staring into the white surface of the ceiling, hands clutching his checkered quilt. He spared Jaejoong a glance, then looked at his covers.

The detective looked around. He spotted a chair near the right side of the bed and unceremoniously took the seat. He made himself comfortable, noting the incredulous look the younger man gave him. His insides squeezed a little, but he forced himself to speak in his most nonchalant tone.

“I suppose he was quite loose down there, wasn’t he?”

Hyukjae’s eyes got wider, but after a moment he turned his face away. Jaejoong leaned on his elbows. As much as he hated it, he knew this was the only way to get the information he needed. He leered at the other, eyes sparkling with a knowing glint.

“Who would have thought that such a nice kid as Junsu would turn out to be such a slut?”

He despised himself for talking like this, but apparently he got the desired reaction.

The chestnut-haired male gripped the material, visibly aggravated.

“Don’t talk like that about him… He… He wasn’t himself when he did it…”

Jaejoong’s orbs became big with shock. So his assumptions were right… Something tight clenched around his heart. Only after a moment he realized that Hyukjae was even more shocked and scared at his own words, hand clamping over his mouth.

“I… He didn’t… Oh my God- How do you even know it was him? Who are you anyway?”, Hyukjae asked, anger slowly building up in him with every word.

Jaejoong took one deep breath and answered.

“Detective Kim Jaejoong. I’m in charge of the investigation regarding few cases of, how do I put it, over-sexing. Yours was the most severe. I managed to interview other victims and I got a track of the probable malefactor. Your confession was something I needed to confirm, before I take some action”, he observed how Hyukjae’s face morphed from anger to shock, realization and then to fear. He took a pity on the boy. “I’m sorry I used such underhanded tactic, but it was necessary. If you can tell me something that can help Junsu in any way, please do it now.”

Hyukjae glanced at him hesitantly and remained silent for couple of minutes. Jaejoong was patient and if his calculations were correct Hyukjae was still somehow enamored with Junsu and would want to help the boy. His predictions were right – Hyukjae put his hands in his hair, speaking softly.

“He was absolutely normal. And I was absolutely straight until I met him. I knew he preferred men and it didn’t bother me. I told him he could talk to me if he had a problem. He often mentioned the fact that his sickness is going to make him single for the rest of his life. Before… before this ‘incident’… he started to avoid me and asked me not to touch him too much, because he was afraid he might do something violent. He explained that it was probably his self-preservation instinct kicking in. Later, his cousin, Yoochun, told me that Junsu was molested several times since he came to Seoul and he probably still couldn’t cope with it. But then… On that day, he said to me that the man he was with doesn’t like him and that he is a monster. I just… I just couldn’t watch him so depressed. On a whim I… I kissed him. I thought he’s going to strangle me after that, but he didn’t. He became weird. Seriously, I would have never thought he was so… sensual. It was like he was made of sex, it was better than porno. He led us to the restroom and things… happened. I just remember that I was extremely exhausted after the first round, but then his eyes became gold like in some science-fiction or fantasy and he demanded more. He was aggressively… sexual? I don’t know how to describe it. It was as if the smart, sweet guy who became my friend turned out to have multiple personality disorder. He was a different person. He acted like he was possessed”, Hyukjae gazed at Jaejoong, searching his face for some kind of acknowledgment. The brunet’s expression was unreadable. Jaejoong’s mind put all the information in order. The probability that Junsu was suffering from multiple personality disorder was quite high, especially considering the fact that Changmin didn’t want to tell him the name of the illness. He could understand that: even nowadays people feared and stigmatized the ones who had mental issues. But there was also something eerie in every story he heard so far – the golden eyes and somehow ‘supernatural’ appeal the boy extended in every relatively sexual situation. It was something akin to a ‘spell’ and even Jaejoong himself was under this dangerous charm. If not for constant interferences, he would probably end up like other guys. He straightened his back and looked Hyukjae in the eye.

“Did he tell you something during your intercourse?”

Hyukjae furrowed his brows in an attempt to recall something. Few moments later he shook his head. Jaejoong sighed and stood up.

“Thank you for your cooperation”, he bowed slightly and began to retreat, his body feeling kind of heavy.

His brain was working quite hard on comprehending everything he just heard. When he was by the door, he was suddenly stopped by Hyukjae’s voice.

“I remembered something, Detective Kim. When his eyes turned gold he told me some weird things…”

“What was it?”

'I expected you to be more efficient, human' and 'Try not to die, human'. I don’t have idea what he meant by that, but it was like-“

“He didn’t consider himself human”, Jaejoong interrupted him midsentence, a strange thought lurking in the depths of his mind. He quickly turned around, but once more Hyukjae stopped him.

“Please, help him. I don’t believe he did those things with premeditation. He’s sick…”

Jaejoong gazed at the boy on the bed and smiled gently.

“I will do whatever it takes to help him. You’re not the only one who… No, never mind. Thank you one more time and good bye.”


Yunho wasn’t quite sure what to make of Jaejoong’s words after the man left Lee Hyukjae’s room. Short ‘I nailed it. Leave it to me’ left the policeman wondering about his friend’s sanity. Jaejoong refused to answer Yunho’s questions and it was infuriating. They were partners for God’s sake so why Jaejoong acted like some bat-shit obsessed private detective? When they came back to the station, the brunet went straight to superintendent’s office, reporting that they still didn’t found the culprit behind does sex-incidents and stated that he’s afraid they are stuck at this point. Superintendent Park took it surprisingly well, probably expecting this turn of events, but he still bitched at them for failing. Yunho went home tired and in a foul mood. Something was telling him that tomorrow wouldn’t be any better, so he decided to take a day off (just because he could – he didn’t have vacation in a long time). Besides, Jaejoong didn’t want him to interfere, so what was the point in beating himself over this stupid case?


Two hours after Hyukjae’s questioning detective Kim Jaejoong was sitting on a couch in Lee Donghae’s apartment, his thoughts galloping like a herd of wild mustangs. Every word Donghae has uttered so far brought the young inspector closer to the inevitable outcome.

“Donghae-shii, I would like for you to participate in a confrontation”, the brunet smiled politely at the witness.

“A confrontation?”, Donghae questioned, a little confused.

“It is a normal procedure we run in these kind of situations. Please, let me explain the details…”, he said in a professional tone and began his explanation.

He managed to convince doctors and Hyukjae to cooperate, so this man was the last element he needed for his plan to work.


Max had a bad feeling about this whole ‘restaurant’ thing. Something was amiss and he was getting more and more pissed off when Xiah dismissed all his requests to decline it and kept babbling about ‘his life, his decisions’. So when after two days Jaejoong appeared before their door very late in the afternoon, he eyed the man suspiciously, noting a small smirk playing on the other’s lips.


Xiah was confident that today he could make it without turning into his needy half. He wanted the control so badly, that his hunger didn’t have a chance to emerge, even when Jaejoong’s arm came to encircle his waist when they went to the car, leaving Max at the entrance.

He fastened his seat belts and rested his back against the surface of the passenger seat. He got a glimpse of the other, admiring the handsome features. The car started and he felt a small bubble of hunger deep in his stomach. He was determinated to win over it. After a while he calmed down and smiled at Jaejoong, who was side-eyeing him with concern written all over his face.

“I’m good… Just stress.”

“Are you nervous because of me?”

“Yeah, a little. But it will be alright.”

“What makes you say that?”, Jaejoong’s question came out of the blue, making the demon somehow self-conscious. There was something daring in the policeman tone, but he decided to ignore it and not let himself be provoked. He turned to fully face his companion.

“I’m trying reeeeeaaaaly hard to keep calm. In fact it takes all of my energy”, his answer visibly irritated Jaejoong, but he continued. “However, I also really want to spend this afternoon with you, so I would be grateful if you could be less… um… aggressive?”

The brunet looked at him for a moment and then laughed whole-heartedly.

“Changmin was sure to give you some lesson on assertiveness before letting you go out with me, wasn’t he?”

“I can be assertive on my own, thank you very much!”, Xiah felt how the tension was leaving him with his every word. Simultaneously, his heartbeat became somehow irregular, speeding up when Jaejoong’s hand landed in his stylized hair and patted him unceremoniously. After few short moments of pondering, the demon decided it was one of the best feelings out there.

Jaejoong started the engine, small smile playing on his lips. Their way to the restaurant was quiet, but not in the ‘uncomfortable’ way. Delicate gestures, brushing of hands, occasional chit-chat – Xiah could definitely get used to it. He did not feel the hunger – it was as if it was lulled to sleep by Jaejoong’s gentle behavior towards him. He also didn’t notice any strong sexual desire emanating from his partner, which at the beginning was somehow unnerving. He concluded that Jaejoong truly wanted to make it up to him for his earlier actions and learned how to control his urges.

If it wasn’t for Xiah’s cheerful mood and his strong concentration on something entirely else, the demon would probably have noticed the light jabs of dormant energy and frustration hid under policeman’s sunny disposition.

When they have finally arrived, Xiah wondered briefly why Jaejoong decided to take him to a place in the less crowded part of the city. The restaurant seemed nice and decent, but only few customers loitered around. He checked his surroundings to look for the most convenient place to sit. His eyes stopped on one table in particular. There were four men sitting beside it, talking quietly while a woman, who was probably a nurse, was tending to one of them. Somehow they seemed very familiar. The demon gasped in terror when the sickly looking guy glanced at him. Xiah would always recognize Lee Hyukjae’s shocked expression because there were too many times he had made fun of it. The others also turned around, while Xiah’s blood froze at the feeling of Jaejoong’s tightening grip on his wrist.

The tallest one of them – last victim of his ‘hungry half’ as he recalled – sprung to his feet, pointing straight at Xiah, his expression showing that he too came to remember the ‘incident’.

“It’s you…”, the man spoke and Xiah was sure that it was the end. Right now he could feel Jaejoong’s fury, chaotic lashes of energy hitting him one after another.

He was exposed. It was Jaejoong who exposed him. It was Jaejoong who wanted to bind and punish him for the things he didn’t even remembered doing. It was Jaejoong who had betrayed him.

Something inside him snapped.


Jaejoong didn’t know when it happened, but suddenly he landed on the nearest table, his body hurting from the hit of energy he received. Before he managed to recover from it, Junsu was already gone. Donghae, Hyukjae and his nurse were kneeling beside him, asking if he was ok, while Siwon and Jongwoon tried to explain to the old man (who apparently was the owner) that it wasn’t a gang fight and he didn’t need to call the police.

His plan worked – a confrontation was what he needed from the very beginning, but somehow the triumph tasted awfully bitter. He realized that the first man who made him act like an idiot and was the main reason for his currently very broken heart turned out to be someone entirely else. He shook the thoughts away and decided to see it through till the end. Besides, there were still some questions he desperately wanted to ask, the things he needed to confirm. Finding out the whole truth required finding out where Junsu was.

The detective stood up and went for the door, ignoring the people beside him. However, before he could even reach the doorknob, he needed to back away because the wooden wing was violently opened from the other side.
A very aggravated Yoochun passed the threshold, sticking a small paper with some weird letters to the window on his right. To Jaejoong’s surprise it disappeared, melting with the glass. Changmin, who was three steps behind the long-haired male, did the same thing to the window on their left. Almost immediately Jaejoong’s eyelids became heavy. Before his mind was completely overtaken by the sleepiness, he felt himself being pushed into some kind of an air swirl.

When he opened his eyes, he recognized the living room in Junsu and Changmin’s shared apartment. Somehow he ended up laying on the sofa, while Yoochun was pacing nervously near the bookshelf.

He stopped in his tracks, when he sensed the other wake up.

“You just had to go and screw up everything, didn’t you? And here I thought you liked him”, Yoochun seemed different than usual, some kind of aura floating around his whole body. His words finally sunk into Jaejoong. He was absolutely angry and seriously wanted to punch the other in the face. He tried to stood up but Yoochun straightened his arm, showing him the palm of his hand. Jaejoong felt pressure over his entire body pushing him back onto the soft cushion. When he looked up, he met a hard gaze of two green orbs. At that moment he was glad that he was overtaken by this invisible strength, because he would have backed away in fear. Plus he could tell that his hormones were in a turmoil because of this beautifully dangerous emerald gaze.

The memory of gold-shimmering irises full of desire and want hit him tenfold. He stilled in place, locking his eyes with Yoochun’s.

“Just what the fuck are you guys anyway?”, Jaejoong’s voice sounded weak and restrained, cold sweat trickling down his neck.

Yoochun’s orbs became softer when he caught the hint of fear in the policeman’s form. He sighed with resignation and sat before the man.

“I’m going to explain the situation to you, but we don’t have much time. Unless you want to have more of those incidents happening. Don’t ask questions and act like a good boy, so I won’t need to keep you under my binding spell…”, Yoochun searched Jaejoong’s face for some kind of sign that his command was understood, but the shocked stare he received indicated something different. However, there wasn’t enough time to make the man accustomed to the thought that he was dealing with supernatural powers so he just decided to get to the point.

“Have you ever hear about succubi and incubi?”


Jaejoong always thought that he was an open-minded person and that he grasped the facts pretty quickly, but what Yoochun – no, Micky – was telling him made his head spin.

“Junsu’s demon name is Xiah. He is a succubus, just like me and Max – that’s Changmin’s name, if you haven’t figured it out yet. Xiah has a very special condition, probably because he restrained his powers and hunger for far too long and now he’s going berserk on humans.”

“But… aren’t succubi supposed to be the female ones?”, although Jaejoong was still confused, he had some of his common sense kicking in, all the holes and unanswered questions in the demon’s story fueling his curiosity.

“I told you not to ask questions…”, Micky mumbled. He heaved a sigh and continued.

“Aw hell, whatever. Sex demons are born with a specific ability – they can feed from human sex drive and metabolize it into their own life energy. Depending on the way they feed, they are categorized as incubi or succubi. If they can ‘take’ the energy by themselves we call them incubi. But if they need the energy being ‘pumped’ into them they are succubi. Most female demons don’t have the power to ‘take’ the energy, so the stereotype of succubi being only women is still quite strong. As for the male succubi… We need to take it up in the ass or do a horrendous amount of blowjobs to keep it pouring into us. We are, as some people tend to call us, ultimate bottoms. We can top, but we are unable to feed during those times. Most of us know perfectly well when to stop and how to make our partner feel good in the end. But there were cases when this skill didn’t work and it ended pretty badly for both the human and the demon. When the demon with this ‘illness’ is found, he is instantly locked up in our world, because he is a threat. Keeping our existence a secret becomes fucking hard, especially if we have police on our backs, you know? Xiah is a very important figure, so we, I mean me and Max, were assigned to watch over him. He is our friend and I intended to protect him the best I could, but then we found out about his sickness. Because of this thing he was… he IS somehow able to ‘take’ the energy but it’s not in the same way as the incubus does it. And he still has to have a cock inside of him in order to feed. We used our abilities to cover up all of the incidents the best we could, but we failed him. We need to find him before someone gets hurt”, Micky took a deep breath, his monologue making him visibly weary and even more worried than before.

“Your abilities? What kind of abilities does a succubus have? Are they the reason for Junsu’s vanishing into thin air? Is this why you and Changm- ehm, Max appeared out of nowhere?”, Jaejoong’s fear seemed to dissipate, replaced by raw curiosity.

Micky sighed one more time.

“Well, for the starters… Couple of minutes ago you wanted to do me when you looked into my eyes – the glimmering you saw is a charm to catch our prey. We can emit energy that lures the potential feeder. The stronger ones can use sleeping spells, blinding and hiding spells, binding spells. There are also very few who can manipulate mind and change the memories of their prey. If they evolve, they become Master Succubi – creatures powerful enough to compete with other non-sexual demons. As for your last two questions: we can use our energy to teleport and travel between the Demon World and the Human Realm. That’s why he appeared at my door right after ‘Hyukjae-incident’. Succubi can also ‘feel’ the high amount of power. The first time you met Xiah I was able to sense your energies skyrocketing, that’s why I interrupted. When you guys passed the threshold to that restaurant both me and Max could feel Xiah… snapping, for the lack of better word. We knew something bad have happened to him and we teleported immediately after Max tracked you down. Before you start wondering why we needed to look for you instead of Xiah… You see, when he’s in… that state, he becomes extremely sly and skilled at using his demonic abilities.”

“He uses camouflage?”, the policeman asked, somehow perplexed at the thought of this seemingly naïve and childish Junsu using his powers for, well, hunting and hiding.

The long-haired demon nodded.

“Yes, something like this. And he is highly advanced on top of that. Even Max has problems with finding him sometimes.”

Jaejoong gazed at Micky and spoke slowly.

“So I gather that Junsu must be really important, if he has two high class demons as his bodyguards. You guys can use strong spells, track and manipulate minds. Plus, you’re able to teleport more than one person and that probably requires a lot of energy.”

Micky was visibly surprised how quickly Jaejoong figured it out after hearing only about the basics. The man continued.

“But from what you have told me so far even I could tell that Xiah isn’t exactly the most... Ugh, you know what I mean. What makes him so special?”, Jaejoong’s tone was devoid of any negative emotion he displayed earlier, his hunger for knowledge switching his mode to the ‘professional’ one.

Micky smiled good-naturedly and stood up.

“You’re quite adaptable, aren’t you? I just told you that you’re dealing with hellspawn here and you’re acting like a researcher. Well, that’s better than I’ve expected. So… Max probably mentioned that Xiah’s parents are powerful people, right? It was an understatement. In our world his Father is known as the Deception Lord, a fallen angel-turned-demon who specializes in manipulating minds, while Xiah’s Mother is the Succubi Queen. Basically, you’ve got hots for a freakin’ Succubi Prince. Everybody thought that merging those two extremely strong energies wasn’t the best idea ever, but nobody expected the outcome. Since Xiah was born, he was different from the rest of us – he cared for humans, he believed in platonic love, he refused to feed from someone he didn’t have any feelings for. It was unexpected, somehow abnormal. We thought it’s due to the fact that mixing of his parents energies could not go without a problem, especially considering their powers. The Queen concluded that her son’s behavior was a way to manifest his angelic heritage, so she let it go. Later on it turned out that Xiah’s parents energies somehow couldn’t mingle – they only ‘cooperated’ with each other, but were still two different sources. Probably.”

“Why ‘probably’?”

“It’s only a theory. Max tried to solve this for quite a long time and came to this conclusion after some observations. He also thinks that we need your help to cure Xiah.”

“What?”, Jaejoong was flabbergasted, hearing the unexpected statement. How a human could help a demon?

“You’re the only one who managed to make the energies in Xiah overlap. Just yesterday you were kissing before the door to this apartment. Max noticed that in normal situation Xiah would have already turned into his demonic half and sucked you dry. But for some reason he managed to control it, even if it was only partially. We suspect that his calmer version might have fallen for you, that’s why it keeps the beast tamed. He was determinated not to hurt you”, explained Micky, observing the policeman reaction.

Demon’s words made Jaejoong’s insides lighter, a fluttering feeling gently enveloping his mind. He gazed at the long-haired male. His lips quirked into a smirk.

“Oh, you don’t have idea how much I want to help you guys right now.”

Micky was about to answer, but it was Max’s annoyed voice that resounded in the room.

“I can imagine. I see you two took your sweet time while a mad succubus is the first one to rape men by being the bottoming one. I took care of the business at the restaurant – this time they won’t remember a thing when they wake up from the spell. Move your asses – I localized our Little Prince. You guys won’t be happy, though.”

Both Micky and Jaejoong processed the information, horrified expressions covering their faces in mere seconds.

“Yunho!” they bursted simultaneously. In next second Max was standing alone in his empty living room, cursing under his breath as he also disappeared into thin air.

Final chapter

A/N2: I will beg all of you for forgiveness in Author's Notes2 in the next chapter, because now it's time for THE SHOWDOWN xD
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